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~Almost done downloading the last parts of Tenipuri Myu~

I think I have much love for it. XP.  Especially when Trogdar sings burning.  I think that was funny, especially when he went up to an audience member and was like "ARE YOU MY CHALLENGER!" *cackles* Fun for all.. and then the Fuji and Eiji duet was very cute.  It made me extremely shiny.

And oh... I did NOT know that Kimeru played Fuji.  Because he sang the ending song for the musical, "You Got Game".  I think I absolutely lost it in fangirl wibbling.  Now I need more from Kimeru... for that very reason. X_x.  Man.  There is much love in my heart. X_x;  I mean that is my favorite song from the series so far. (at least ending/intro themes wise)

Anyone have any spare Kimeru songs laying around on their harddrive that they'd like to send me?

I think it is officially..  I am a true Fuji fangirl now. X_x

<3  Nia/Hyu
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