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Well I am officially married to kurohyou right now, according to marry_a_ljuser and how do I feel?  I am feeling very masculine especially when during our parting she gave me a kiss and called me her husband.  It gave me a warm glowy feeling in my heart.    I think we've been melting all over each other tonight. (Not in that way, you sickos).  So at any rate.. I spent an hour on a banner that I'm very proud of and then for a good two hours my character Zane Wesley was chasing her cat boy Zozma around.  It was quite a bit of fun.  I rarely get to play loud outspoken Cs like Zane.  He was a blast.  Now all we have to do is break Magus out of the Rose Manor. *bleahs*  That'll be interesting.

Then I watched episode 10 of Maria-sama ga Miteru.

That episode had me sniffling and wibbling like a kitten.  Especially since Rei and Yoshino are my OTP for that series.  It is funny how Yoshino and Rei reminds me of myself and Kuro.. (though to be fair, I identify more with Sei).  And I can identify with Rei's wanting to protect Yoshino from all sorts of things.. from herself.. from the dissolution of a relationship.  From constant fighting.  Though Yoshino's actions toward Rei warmed my heart..  and I couldn't help but see Kuro's face when I saw Yoshino looking up at Rei and giving that little peace sign while she struggled with her kendo exercises.  I bet Rei's heart nearly melted.

Everything was resolved though and that is what matters.  And the end, when they shared an unbrella.  It was so poignant, and then when Yoshino said, "I am glad that unbrella is broken because it means I get to stand closer to you".  I just lost it.    For those who haven't seen Maria-sama ga Miteru.  I suggest you go on Anime Suki and find it.

I'm going to bed soon though.  Staying up long enough to verify my connection and the whatnot.  Going to leave my computer on so that I can finish downloading more Prince of Tennis.  I. Must. See. Chibi episode.

Which reminds me.. have I mentioned how much I utterly adore Fuji, Kaidoh, Inui, Tezuka, Momo, Oishi, Eiji, and TrogdarTaka?

Allow me to say that again.

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