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I think I may be inclined to redo most of my icons again.  Though it'll be a one on one effort.. and there's no way I'm getting rid of the Kuro x Nia OTP icon.  But everything else is subject to doing over.

Which reminds me, I'm watching the first musical of Prince of Tennis and I think I'm in love.  Once again thank you sourangel, you've done me an extreme favor... and oh gods Momo-chan.  And everyone for that matter.  *_*  Tezuka.

Tezuka from the musicals make me wibble.  Definitely going to send kurohyou this. *heh's*  She'll absolutely lose it.

Tezuka from the musical, definitely want one of him for an icon. X_x  So now I have to evaluate which ones I want to keep and which icons stay. X_x

I am really partial to the Sting of a Scorpio Citan icon so that's being kept as well.
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