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~Oh my gosh, a RL update instead of fannish stuff~

I had the biggest scare/annoyance of my life today.

We had to go grocery shopping, Yui and I as a collective whole.  However the night before (yesterday night) He was not feeling good.  Something having to do with throwing his neck out or something.    And to clarify another point, he's been taking Zyban to quit smoking... so anyway we go to the base, and we decide to pick up another perscription of Zyban for him so that he doesn't start flailing at people (A smoker without smokes is a baaaaaaaaaad chemical imblance if you know what I mean)

So we head to the base, and we drive to the hospital.. I tell him I am going to drive around in order to find a parking spot, and then I leave him in front.    I stay in the car once I find a space.  Soon an hour passes..  and then I charge in, going to the pharmacy in order to try to find him.  But I can't.

Yes, fun abounds as I wander around the hospital, inquiring everywhere..  two hours after THAT he comes up behind me and taps me on the shoulder, saying he went to the emergancy room about his neck.

And I wonder why I wasn't, oh I don't know.. -NOTIFIED- about this.

I felt bad about rounding on him afterwards... but I was freaking worried.

Then we went to the commissary and I got yummy veggitable chips.  And everything became instant technicolour-better.

*hugs my girlfriend*  I know she would of kindly alerted me to many things.. X_x

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