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~Put that magic spell on me~

I have my secret santa assignment in.  And I am going to work on it.  My mind has to do some spinning though.  Because I know exactly which one I'm going to write about but I just need to do some channelling.  (Thank god one of her pairings is one of mine.  Not a favorite mind you but definitely workable.

And just for note.

Hi Secret Santa.  Whomever you are! *waves* I'm Hyu.. I'm crazy.  I hope you get a feel for me via this journal.  However it's not really required.. and I definitely know I'll like whatever it is you write.  I'm not picky.  However you will get immortalized forever in my heart for writing specifically for me. *ahee's*  Okay that being said...

Ah, which also reminds me, two people deleted me from their FL.. one I kinda expected, one just sort of surprised me.  Well I did them the courtesy of deleting them back.  After all I hate clutter and unless the person is someone that I really respect and admire, I usually don't like to friend people if they don't friend me.  (I'd friend beckymarie in a heartbeat.. I might do that... since I really do respect and admire her.
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