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Teh Big Slash meme
Read and/or write?I do both.. however the Xenogears fandom is my main slash fandom..
Since when?Around 1998.  Right after I got out of highschool.
How did you stumble into slash?My ex girlfriend Mel introduced me to it once we decided we wanted to play two males together.
Your first fandom and pairing:Mmmmm well I think it was Citan and Fei.  Yes you may shoot me now. -_-;
The first person you told about your new hobby:My grandmother.  I burst in and went, "I like boysex" and she was like, "Okay dear"
The fandoms you read:Xenogears (gods yes), Naruto, Kyou Kara Maou, Prince of Tennis.. at least currently.  Oh yes and Harukana Toki no Nakade
The fandoms you write:Xenogears is my main one.
Your favourite pairings:Citan and Sigurd (xenogears), Kakashi and Iruka (Naruto), Tezuka and Fuji (PoT), Narsus and Daryuun (Arslan).  I have so many more though
Favourite genres:Angst
Least favourite pairings:Kahr and Citan, Kahr and Sigurd, Kakashi and Sasuke or Naruto.
Least favourite genres:Shota.  Meh
What makes a story good?Whether it can give me the gut clench or not
What makes a story bad?Bad spelling and overuse of the 'dripping weathervane' cliche
The best author:My girlfriend.  I'm biased.  Though I also love Xandria's work as well as my little sister, Talyn.
Why?No listing here.
The best story you've ever read:No listing here.
The worst author:Go to bad_smutfic.. they fit the bill
The worst story you've ever read:Snape and the Niffler.. (thanks Mari)
The best story you have written:I would have to say I have a fondness for "Japanese Girl" and "Sunrise".  Mmm club smut.
The worst story you have written:Oh that's easy.. the Ban and Ginji yuletide christmas fic.
Do you leave feedback?I try to
Do you get feedback?Yes.. not too much but enough to give me incentive to keep writing
Do you have a favorite kink?Probably tonguing the ass.. that turns me all sorts of puddly.
Does something squick you?Quite alot.. but not as much as you'd think.
Is slash simply sex?No, it's also about the characterizations or the dynamics.
Is slash a way of life?Eh..  I don't know.
How much time do you spend reading/writing?Alot.
Do you have RL friends who slash?Yes.. *heh's* I'm teh L-U-C-K-Y
Have you made online friends through slash?Most of my LJ
Do you think slash is just a phase?Nah, if so then it's lasted a long time for me.
Could you simply stop slashing?Pfft.
What do you think about...
Ratings G to PG-13I think that there is more to slash then sex.
Ratings R to NC-17Bring it on.
AUs*eyes Citan and his incarnations* Oh hell yes.
ARsARs are?
CrackficsMmmm crackfics.
PornAnime porn yes... real men porn.. no
AngstIt is what I thrive on the most.
MushEhh.. waff is not my cup of tea.
LoveLove makes the world go around.
RomanceMy muses think this is a good thing so I am inclined to agree.
DarkficsOf course, dark fics are the best.
Deathfics*snickers* Yum..  like a little death with my angst plz.
Non consensual/rapeIt can be sexy.. but only for anime/manga boys.
Rape recoveryI think that the aftercare is just as important.
FPSFictional Person Slash.. if that is the case then YES
RPSOnly if it involves Inoue Kazuhiko and Seki Toshihiko. -_-
RPGThat is a majority of what I do.
First timesFirst times last the kink that I thrive on.
Established relationshipsThat can be done.. though I do like the feeling of first falling in love.
ThreesomesJuubei x Kazuki x Toshiki. Nuff said.
m/m slashOf course
femmeslashFeed me!
Slashing a children's book/movieNot like I've never had thoughts of Peter Pan and Captain Hook.  Bad me.
Chanslash It can be sweet.
Explicit sexPshaw.. that is like old school for me.
The importance of charactarizationVery important, people that don't put characterizations into their writings should be shot.
OOCnessSometimes it can be good.. but only in humour fics.
CanonCanon is Canon.. and by a general rule I don't like the word.
ClichesCliches are necessary unfortunately.
SupernaturalBring on the ghosties.
MPREGNo!  If I wanted my men to have babies, I would of made them women.  They can fucking adopt.
WingficsI like wings.
GenderfuckNo thank you...
CrossoversCrossovers can be fun.
Group Slut FicsMmm orgies.
IncestIncest is the bestest.
May/DecemberNo thank you.
Het pairings in a slash ficThe het people need their pairings too!
PlotPlot is good.. really it is.
PWPsI eat them for breakfast
WIPsI don't get it
LJ fics and communitiesI own/mod several yaoi communities.
Mailing listsNone of those for me.
Big Name FansThere are some fans I look up to instinctively, just like I know there are fans that look up to me.  My advice:  Do your own thing.  Don't let a big name fan influence you in what you read/write.
Politics in a slash storyI think it adds variety
Religion in a slash storyDitto on that.
Wake up GayI'm indifferent to it.. neither care for it nor hate it.
And finally....
Your pet peeve:Yaoi fangirls that take the fandom so seriously.
Your advice to new slashers:And going off on the last point.  It's just a fandom.  It is not serious.. and remember.. characterizations and plot are your friend.. and the reason "THEY LOOK SO HOTTT TOGETHER" is not a good enough reason to dump them into bed.  Find a better reason, then come back and talk to me.
Your slash wish list:More Sigurd and Citan stuffs.
The best slash archive:Yaoi Smut Fics!
The worst slash arcive:Fanfiction.net


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