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I got the package sent off for my girlfriend, kurohyou complete with -both- of the OAVs of Harukanaru Toki no Nakade.  Along with the two translated episodes of the TV series, up to Episode 24 of Prince of Tennis, Angeliqes Shiroii Tsubasa no Memoire, Up to Episode 105 of Naruto, Four episodes of Kaou Kara Maou.. and MY ENTIRE MUSIC COLLECTION.

She's one lucky girl.  I also snuck a few other things in there, along with the Map of Sylvia which I promised her.  She can consider this her extensive birthday present.    So now we can have more fandoms to share, because we have similar taste.. which is nice.  X_x

Now to undergo preparations for the car trip to Kentucky.  Will Yui finish his costume in time?  Will Hyu get all the preliminary packing arrangements done?  OH, THE DRAMA!

Now I need to go put the finishing touches on the props for my Iruka costume! *harharhar*

And don't worry.. there will be a last minute music update sometime today! ^_^  I might make everyone choose it because there won't be a friday music choice.  Yeah I think I'll do that.. next post will be five picks. ^_^

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