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~And the next project will be~

A Fluffy and Sappy Jugend Era songfic set to the Duran Duran song "Nice"

That one will not be smut.. but it won't have to be.. and I'll probably get that one done ALOT sooner then "Tension and the Spark" because for some reason smut is hard for me to finish unless it is RP smut. X_x

I also have a Sigurd-centric fic that I want to center around the A-ha song, "Forever not Yours"  So they are both Jugend Era.. but one is fluffy and sweet.. the other is angsty. *snickers*

My major hangup is that Xenogears owns most of my primary muses and so I try to write anything other then that and it fails miserably. 0_o
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