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Fandom: Xenogears
Pairing: Citan Uzuki and Sigurd Harcourt
Title:  Tension and the Spark
Rating/Warnings:  NC-17.  This is smut.  It has backstory to it yes, but it is smut.  Not beta'd because I'm too lazy.  And possible squick is examination table smut.  But it isn't like Fei's examination.  Not by a long shot.  This is MALE/MALE so if you do not want to read it, then don't click on the link.
Other Notes: Finally.  kurohyou's birthday fic is done.  I hope you enjoy it love. *huggles*

"Somewhere inside my evolution
Karmically I seek retribution
Looking for love in physical beauty
Desire is the drug of the bourgeoisie
And now I try to intellectualize
Like a glimmer of good in a bad man's eyes
I am consumed by the flesh haunting me
I know temptation taunts the empty"

No matter how much Citan Uzuki reminded himself that he was a happily married man with a beautiful wife and a wonderful daughter, somewhere along the line his soul wanted to wipe the slate clean of the stigmas that two such people caused in his life.  It was watching Sigurd Harcourt that did it to his senses, every sinewy movement that tempted his soul with some forbidden desire.  Citan did not know if Sigurd did this intentionally, however thinking if it was on purpose was the last thing on his mind whenever the most casual gestures were performed.  A run of fingertips against a taut milk-chocolate stomach that was slightly glistening with sweat from the heat on the bridge of the Yggsdrasil, a tongue darting out to wet til then dry lips and the sway of hips clad in tight white leather. 

~How can one wear leather in such heat~ Citan's mind ran with that statement but then temporarily choked when Sigurd bent down to pick up a stray piece of paper from the smooth steel floor, displaying to advantage said leather stretched over a completely firm ass.  Citan felt his breath catch as that played within the scope of his vision, such a hot decadent stream of mental images following soon after which sent him leaning back against the wall, part of him covered by the shadows where the lights of the bridge did not reach.  He was afraid to move for fear that someone would catch the raw uncharacteristic lust in his dark chocolate eyes.

But the temptation did not stop there.  Oh no, it followed Citan wherever Sigurd went.  At the dinner table, how Sigurd nestled the rim of his cup against his perfect lips, or the way that their feet would accidentally brush underneath the table, sending a hungry pain flowing through Citan.  Their eyes would meet everso briefly, before Citan was the first to draw the gaze away in order to concentrate on his dinner.

And it did not improve on the nights when Sigurd's presence was absent all together for Citan found himself glancing around at the doors, hoping to see Sigurd walk through them at any moment with that sensual smile on his lips directed at him.  The self-same smile that caused the very depths of Citan's soul to melt into something dark and sinful.  He cursed himself for the weakness that washed over him, cursed himself even as he found release in the tight grip of his own hand.  Folds of cream drizzling over his arousal as he kept the vocalization his orgasm down so as to not disturb Fei who was sleeping in the bed across the room.

"So pour yourself over me
Until there's nothing left to see
Because I like the way you move in the dark
And I like the tension, the tension and the spark"

The only time that Citan was able to think rationally of things other then Sigurd was either when he was off to battle or when him as the doctor was in and seeing patients.  It was easy to think professionally and Sigurd rarely ventured into the doctor's office.  Their daytime domains were different and far apart.  And somewhere along the line Citan was glad of that, for that meant that he could get work done, it was something that he did not have to think about over-much.

A quick glance at the clock revealed that there would be one more patient before he would head off to his room in order to get showered and changed for the early dinner that Maison preferred.  One more block of sanity before he thrust himself into the social sea of guilty sexual confusion.  Marguerite peeked her head into the room with a brown chart and smiled cheerily, the girl having offered to act as Dr. Uzuki's receptionist while she was stuck on the Yggsdrasil.  A comfortable arrangement since it gave her something to do as well as lessened Citan's workload.  After all if someone didn't do the paperwork, he would have to do it himself.

"Last patient, Doc.  I hope you don't like need me for anything.  Maison's making a cake and he told me I could help!" Margie's smiling face bespoke childlike innocence and joy in such things.  He smiled in a fatherly way and then took the chart that she had handed to him.

"I do not mind.  I can certainly finish up here." Citan said as he flipped open the chart and peered down at the name.

Sigurd Harcourt

His face went a bit pale at that written name.  How such a written word could quake his world so thoroughly was a mystery to him and Margie's voice when it next spoke was a bit disjointed as Citan tried to swim through the surreality in order to get a better grip on reality.

"He's waiting outside in the hall.  I'll send him in if you're ready."  Margie said as she started to walk toward the door, looking over her shoulder, her face caught up in an impish little smile which went completely over Citan's head.

"Yes, that would be fine.."  Citan said distractedly as he turned his back toward the door and placed the chart spread open on a counter and fixated his eyes on the name so that he would not turn around and look when Sigurd entered the doctor's office.  Schooling himself to take a few deep breaths, already he felt his professionalism was going to be compromised.

~I will not let him get to me.. I will not..~

"The decadence of giving in to desire
Creates such empathy within
Lookin' for love in the spiritual faces
Blind to the art of fabrication
I'm like a baby sucking mamma's milk
Wanna drink my fill and then some."

"Last appointment of the day, eh.. Hyu?" Sigurd's voice was the only signal that the man had entered, and yet that husky voice was everything that was wrong with this appointment.  A voice that was made for sexual pleasure, for moaning, grunting and groaning.  And every word enuciated drew Citan's imagination to the fact.  He made a few marks with pen against the chart though they really did not mean anything whatsoever.  They were just there.  He had to struggle to find his voice and when he did, it came out slightly brusque.

"I would have to ask, Mr. Harcourt.. that while we are here in this office, you call me Doctor Uzuki so as to maintain a doctor-patient relationship that compromises neither of us."

"Alright, Doctor Uzuki..."  Sigurd's voice filled Citan's ears as he walked over to the examination and trailed his fingers along the shiny stainless steel examination table, feeling it's coolness touching the pads of his fingers. "Where do you want me.. Doctor Uzuki?" That voice came out as a silky sex-kitten purr which was not lost on Citan's ears and caused a near instataneous reaction.

"I.. actually."  He closed his mouth for a moment while control took over his mind for a few moments.  He had almost lapsed, almost stuttered out his desire however his logic went into emergancy mode, thereby saving him from embarassment.  "What you need to do is divest yourself of your clothing, cover yourself with one of the robes hanging up by the door and then seat yourself on the examination table." Everything about Citan's directions were clinical and precise, even as he kept his back turned.

There was no response from Sigurd, except for the sliding of clothes off that body.  Citan's shot nerves could hear every whisper.  The tailed waistcoat being shrugged off, a belly shirt being pulled up over shoulders and head, and those leather pants, the sound of them being pushed down over hips.  He closed his eyes as mental image after mental image assaulted him, and he had no doubt that the images were true to life.  That Sigurd looked just as good behind his eyelids as he did in reality right behind him.  Sharply drawing in a breath he finally spoke, finding his voice buried underneath a surge of sexual energy.  "Tell me when you are ready, Mr. Harcourt."

"For you.. always ready.."  Sigurd spoke, his words taking on the shady game of innuendo which Citan knew would drive him insane, that is if he let it.

"Just get on the table, Mr. Harcourt." Citan said, trying to keep his voice professional.  He would not lapse, he would not cave to his mind's interpertation of silken sex inherent in that voice.. in everything that Sigurd did.

"But I haven't put on my robe yet."

Citan very calmly gritted his teeth, not because he was mad at Sigurd but because he was imagining Sigurd's nude brown-sugar soaked skin.  "Then please, put it on."

He allowed a few moments pause for Sigurd to put the robe, and then after a few clicks of his pen, he turned around only to catch Sigurd settle himself back on the examination table, with his elbows propping him up and the shoulder of the robe falling down a little bit from being tied so loosely.

Did Sigurd Harcourt know how tempting he looked, laying back like that.  A lock of wavy white hair falling in one eye, while the other eye was obstructed by the black vinyl of an eyepatch.  Citan cleared his throat as he felt his cheeks suffuse with heat and because he was so nervous, he started chewing on the end of his pen.  He never got nervous like this.  Never.  Why did Sigurd do this to him, throwing his world topsy-turvey.

~Must think of.. Yui...~  His mind thought, though the words were empty and not working very well.  Images of his wife were -not- dancing around in his mind at this particular moment and that caused in an inordinate ammount of frustration.  He started with something he considered to be safe.  That was the heartbeat and he took out a stethoscope and slid the two prongs into his ears and then walked over to the examination table.  With fingers trembling he gave his next directions.  "Mr. Harcourt, if you could move your robe out of the way of your chest very briefly, I am going to check your heart."  Citan murmured and then watched as Sigurd propped himself up with one elbow while the other arm went to slowly draw the robe away from his chest.  Citan's eyes darkened before he averted his eyes and placed the stethoscope against the chest and closed his eyes as he focused on the beat of the heart, of Sigurd's heart as the sound amplified in rythematic speed.  On anyone else, it would of been a routine sort of sound.  A proof of life.  However with Sigurd, this was not just that.. but something erotic.  Blood pounding, pulsing, distributing flush over warm skin, causing hardness where soft had previously existed.

"Do I sound, okay.. Doctor Uzuki?" Sigurd murmured, or was that a purr.  Citan could not tell at this moment, too hypnotized was he by the heart pounding in his ears.  Not to mention the name Doctor Uzuki sounded so much more familar then Hyu did.  It sounded forbidden.. illicit.  The mere words enunciated were turning his body on in ways that he did not think Hyu could.. at least not in this situation.

"You are in no danger of dying anytime soon.." Citan responded hoarsely as he placed a hand underneath Sigurd's back, guiding him back up so that he could slip the metal amplifier down the back of Sigurd's robe, making sure that he did not miss anything.  He was thorough if anything.  He stayed there for a few moments, listening to the beat of Sigurd's heart while the light scent of amber soap attached his nostrils.  The clean sensuality of skin caused him to breath it in even while his mind told him to stop, to desist this at once.  But he could not, surely this would be alright if it was stolen.

"I don't know.. a little death isn't necessarily a bad thing."

"Leave me alone
I always thought I was better than this
But temptation tempts the temptee
So pour yourself over me
Until there's nothing left to see
Because I like the way you move in the dark
And I like the tension the tension and the spark"

A double meaning if Citan had ever heard it.  He had to wonder if Sigurd was doing this on purpose, every little innuendo that Sigurd's voice held made Citan's resolve weaken.  He was losing his grip on resistance as Temptation hovered underneath him, with lust slackened jaws opened wide to consume him.  Twelve years ago he would of willingly fallen into that trap, but then he had no demands on him, no loyalties and alliances other then Sigurd and the Elements.  The very first veiled hint would of had him abandoning all senses of decency.  But now there were barriers holding him back and he was mindful of it as he continued with the examination.

Willing his hands to remain still, he checked Sigurd's reflexes, peered into Sigurd's mouth with a tongue depressor and a light, guided Sigurd back onto the examination table while he felt around Sigurd's taut stomach for any abnormalities.  He was trying to calm himself down, still his beating heart at the mere touch.    It was torture to do this, to keep his personal thoughts at bay.  Never had he been in a situation where the Doctor wanted to end and the man begin... never until now.

Finally he drew his hands away and walked over to the counter to make the appropriate remarks in the columns, when his eyes alighted on the -next- duty.  One that he had forgotten but which was a necessity for maintaining men's health.  The Prostrate exam.  He physically paled even more and had to take a gulping breath of air to calm himself down.

He could pass it off, he could ignore the procedure however that would be at the sake of compromising Sigurd's health.  ~But how can I...? his mind warred with his heart, reason over emotion.  And by this time they were so muddled up that it was hard to know where each started and stopped respectively.  He was damned if he did, and furthermore damned if he did not.  Reaching over for a pair of latex gloves, he selected two and then pulled them out of their holder while he reiterated his next directives to Sigurd, the words taking on a husky overtone that he tried to put a lid on for sanities sake.

The ultimate test.  Could he do this?

"I need you to put your legs in the stirrups.  I am going to be conducting your prostrate exam." Citan took another deep breath in order to shoo away the thoughts that came unbidden.  Latex slid onto his trembling fingers and then he turned around to see if Sigurd was ready.

His breath caught like the wind catches in silken sails.

Laying on the table, soles of his feet ensconsed in the stirrups, there was Sigurd with his legs spread, the robe hiked up around his hips while the inside of his thighs were revealed, every single luscious inch.  The thatch of white curls that waved around a rather throbbing.. erection.  Citan then drew the connection between the fastly beating heart of previously and the now present evidence of all that hard work.  Part of him wanted to ask if Sigurd had no shame, the other part of him already knew the answer to that question.

"Very well..." Citan murmured, averting his eyes as he reached for the bottle of lubrication.  He generously coated two of his fingers with the slick gel and then he walked over, grabbing a stool and placing it between Sigurd's spread legs.  As much as he tried to appear professional, he could smell the scent of sex and that awakened something in him.  Primal.  Heated.  Something he needed.  "This might be a little... uncomfortable, initially."

"I am not worried about that, Doctor Uzuki.  It is always like that.. initially."  That voice.  It was tempting him, beckoning him with promises of pleasure.  He could hear the whispery threads of melted sin run down Sigurd's voice like wax runs rivulets down a candle.  He pressed the first finger to the pucker, and slowly slid it in.  Quite honestly he was glad that the latex cut off the warm feeling.  He had to thank medical practices for being so.. well clean.    The latex was what was at this moment keeping him from losing it right then and there.  From casting caution to the wind and doing what he had dreamed for the past couple of months.

Latex equalled logic.  And so with that Citan started to probe with his finger all along the inner walls, trying to keep it as quick and as inpersonal as possible.

"Hmmmmm..... Hyu..."

He heard something, his eyes flickered upward to gaze upon Sigurd's visage.  The sight alone caused his blood to flow right back into his face.  Sigurd's eye was closed and he had proceeded to lay back, his mouth hanging open slightly in what looked like.. pleasure?  Up and down the chest heaved with laborous pants which were soft enough that Citan could not -hear- them, but likely quick if the movement was anything to go by.

"Throughout this entire examination, we have been towing the fine line between appropriate and innapropriate.  Perhaps we should end this right now."  Citan murmured abruptly as his fingers slid out of Sigurd and he rolled back a few feet with the aid of the rollers on the stool, to put some distance between them.

With wary eyes he watched Sigurd prop himself up with his elbows and level him with an eye like sapphire, darkened and somehow predatory.  It did not put Citan at ease, though the tension in the air right now was fraught with sexuality in it's most basic and needy forms.  "Hyu.. why can't you give in?" Sigurd breathed out, a voice that clearly was trying to compose itself after the intimate touch.

"I cannot give in." Citan replied softly, though his gaze was starving as his pretense of professionalism had been dropped.  It was them in this office now.  No longer Doctor Uzuki.. or even Citan.  Hyuga had peeked out.  A persona that he tried not to let in control too often, especially when it concerned Sigurd.

Sigurd gave a wry smirk as his fingers moved for the ties of the robe knotted casually, tugging at one end before finally the knot gave and he pushed his robes away from his body until he was spread their naked on the examination table, every inch of skin revealed.

"Do you think I actually -needed- a examination, Hyu?  Did you even bother to check to see when my -last- one was?  If you had looked at the records closely you would of seen that I had my last examination but a few weeks before you joined up with us in the Yggsdrasil."  Sigurd said matter-of-factly and with a purr to his voice.

"This physicality
shifting me chemically
such power over me
It’s just desire
I know its trickery
I know its just skin deep
I know I should resist
I'm just too tired
Too tired"

Citan realized his lapse but it was too late to do anything about it, to late to remedy it.  And his mind was so torn by the promise of Sigurd's body laying on the table like an offering to him.  It became clear.  A seduction attempt veiled as a doctor's visit.  It explained alot of things, including the erection, the innuendos.  Everything so well orchestrated that it had completely bypassed his guards and defenses.

"Give in to me, Hyu.. I've wanted to be this close to you for a long time.  Every time I've tried, you look away or go out of your way to avoid me.  Don't avoid me, Hyu."  Sigurd continued as he sat up on the examination table and reached out to clasp his hand around Citan's wrist.  "You want it too.  I can sense it Hyuga.. I could sense it the moment I walked in this room and you tried to keep up your professional exterior.  You can't hide things from me, Hyuga.. I know what you want."

Those words Citan would not deny and he let out a soft little whimpering moan as his wrist was caught in that firm grip.  "Please don't tempt me... no good can come of this, Sigurd.  I am married, I have my responsibilities... I could never cheat on Yui..."

"I do not know what you are talking about..."  Sigurd breathed, pulling Citan close against him and looking with his sole eyes into those fathomless depths.  "You commit adultry every night with your eyes.  You have already cheated on Yui.. you just refuse to believe it."  Sigurd whispered, their breathing mixing as their lips remained but a hairsbreadth apart.  So close, lips were pulling and he was gravitating toward them.  All good reason fled from his mind in a flurry of lust.  Sigurd's other arm went up to snake around Citan's shoulders in order to pull him closer before finally their lips met.  Once the hand guided him, the only thing Citan could do was cave to the pliant press of lips against his.

~You want this...~

Taking the intitative, Citan pressed his hand against Sigurd's chest and guided him down onto the examination table, however he fell in with the kiss because he could not give it up just yet.  His lips ravenously hungry as tongue invaded Sigurd's warm wet mouth, dived in to taste such sweetness that Sigurd offered him.  There was no denying this, no denying what both of them wanted.  Logic had been stifled and had no place in this moment.  Not when he could hear Sigurd moan at the back of his throat, a sexy purr that reverberated between both of them and bound them together in the elusive chains of desire.  Citan knew exactly what he was doing at this point in time, he just didn't have enough willpower for his logic to once again take to the driving seat.

~You want more...~

Running his slender fingers over and against the brown-sugar flesh of Sigurd's chest, making a pattern toward a chocolate drop nipple with every little stroke that his fingers swiped.  There was a brief part as breathing became a necessity however Citan gladly sacrificed his own breathing in order to slide his lips to Sigurd's jawline, to nibble and suckle at the flesh there.  Tasting the amber, his tongue lathing every single bit of skin with hunger that had trascended 12 long and lonely years of dreaming of this singular moment.  he had not expected it at all that he would be graced with an opportunity.  Half of the doctor had wanted to believe that he could of denied it.  But he knew that was not the case.

"There's just one thing missing
one thing missing here is love"

Trailing soft and gentle kisses along the expanse of chest as his hands roamed over skin that held the heat of deserts in it.  His tongue dipped into the hollow of Sigurd's collarbone, dragging tongue downward.  His tongue nipped and licked at each taut nipples as he came to them.  Shifting so that he could draw Sigurd's legs into the stirrups once again, his fingertips playing an archaic but never frogotten melody against the backs of those thighs as he bit and tickled the nubs with his tongue.  Every moan was like fuel for his fire and each one caused him to suck harder, stroke more firmly and bolster is confidence, dispell his fears that this was wrong.  It could never be wrong.  Not with Sigurd.

Prodding his tongue lightly against Sigurd's navel, his teeth scrapping against the belly ring glistening silver against that bronze skin.  Playing with it like he used to, tugging and starting an almost erotic movement back and forth.  Sliding wetly and tugging gently.. a whole errogeneous zone made complex in it's very simplicity.  Sigurd's panting reached his ears, the subtle arch of hips and the arousal that brushed against his body.  Instinctively he knew what Sigurd wanted and needed and so he abandoned the game, turning his attention to something more pressing.

The arousal nestled on a bed of snow.  Now close enough for his breath to rain warmly down on it.  He could see it twitch slightly, respond to even this close proximity.  It was enough to know that he could inspire this reaction in Sigurd still.  That he was still desirable to the other man after 12 long years.  He teased the twitching length with his breath before finally he submitted and wrapped his lips around the pulsing base, sliding those wet gates up and down, back and forth.. skimming over veins throbbing with blood and reveling in the slightly bitter taste of lust that was born in each inch that his tongue caressed over.

"Hyu.. gods.. oh gods..."  He could hear Sigurd's voice, enunciating each word like it was a prayer.  And Citan took pleasure in the words as if he was the only god that existed in this singular moment.  His tongue moved faster, licking more firmly.  Covering every square of flesh and leaving no spot unturned.. even as he reached for the same bottle of lubrication that he had used to coat his fingers for the exam.  Fingers closed around what he was seeking and he brought it to prepare his fingers with, making sure to slick his fingers down even as his lips continued to tease upward, tongue dipping into the slit to lap at the generously leaking cockhead, lapping up the sensual taste of amber precum.. so exotic and so what he needed.

Hands stationed themselves on his shoulders as if to keep him there.  Not like Citan would move for anything.  He was involved and he could not do anything but stay here and follow through on this act of pure unadultereated -sin-.  It was lust in it's purest form, it was everything that Citan needed right now.    Lightly his fingers started moving circles around  the rosebudded hole, a finger lightly delving and slipping in slowly.  The only evidence was a hitched breath from Sigurd's body and fingers tightening in his shoulders.  His finger was slipped in to the knuckle and he kept it there to get Sigurd used to the violation of finger against velvet walls. 

Playing dirty, he wrapped his lips around Sigurd's cock head and started to move that length into his mouth, inch by inch.  And while that breech in defense occured, he used that opportunity to add another finger into the fray, scissoring back and forth to further stretch his lover in preparation.  He moaned against the shaft, at the sinful taste that consumed him whole.. stimulated his senses and therefore sharpened them.  Aware of every single movement, every single variance in breathing and whimpers.  All of this he used to his advantage.

"Please Hyu.. can't hold out.. please..."  His lover's husky voice begged.  Citan could not help but give Sigurd what he wanted what he desired.  One last finger for traditions sake, breaching it into there with rhythematic sensuality.  A few probbing in and out's.  A final tongue lash against the decadently sweet cock before he slipped it out of his mouth and then stood back.  Reaching for the lubrication with one hand, while his other hand went to undone the pink sash and then the linen trousers which barely concealed his own hungered anticipation.  His shaft came when summouned at once and he took it in hand and was about to spread it thickly with wet glide before a hand stopped it.  He looked up and saw Sigurd gazing at him with longing inherent in his single Fatima blue eye.

"Let me.. I.. want to touch you, Hyu.  It's been so long." 

There was such a plea in Sigurd's eye and voice that he could not help but say yes.  Handing the lubrication to Sigurd and then watching as Sigurd placed some in his hand, rubbing it thickly against palms before simultaneously wet and warm hands closed around his own aching arousal, stroking back and forth with an acute knowledge that they had never forgotten.  Back and forth the lube was rubbed into him and Citan allowed himself his own throaty moans of pleasure.  It seemed like forever caught in a few sacred moments.. fingers rubbing against secret hidden spots that Citan had forgotten existed.. but they reffirmed themselves with the way his body shivered with each sensory jolt.

"Enough..  will not.. be able to last.. if you continue." Citan gritted his teeth as he shoved Sigurd -back- onto that examination table, Sigurd's back hitting against it as they both panted.  It would set the pace for what would happen next.

"I like the way you move in the dark
I like the tension, the tension and the spark"

Citan felt like a hungry animal let loose against the wildland that was Sigurd's body.  He wanted to run against it, play against it.. he wanted to feel it call out to him.  Indolently he rubbed his slickened cock against the beguiling entrance, seeking to bury himself into it's warmth.  He looked down at Sigurd, at the desire etched in his face.  It was almost like looking into a mirror and seeing oneself in it's most primal and raw evolution.  Then he thrust into that tight clenching hole.  Smoothly even though the unbelieveable tightness made it an almost painfully slow descent into darkness.

"Yes.. that's it.  Don't stop.."  Sigurd's voice commanding even from the bottom.

"Would not.. dream of it." Citan said admist gritted teeth as he found himself hilted.  Forcing himself to catch his breath before it ran away completely.  He needed a few moments to collect his thoughts, collect his stamina so that it did not go off just like that.  But it was so hard for there was no tightness like Sigurd's.  He would be ashamed of it the next morning.. but for right now there was nothing that existed but this great desire and the fufillment that was inherent in his base desires.. desires that it had been a matter of time before he had given in to it.

"Don't stop, damn it!" Sigurd groaned, his hips arching.  And Citan knew that movement well, it was the 'I'm gonna make you move, damn it' move that Sigurd did whenever he was on bottom and feeling particularly impatient.

Citan pulled out to the head then, before slamming himself back in.  A fine sheen of sweat bathed his brow, something that he could not intellectualize at this moment, not when he was connected with Sigurd.  Looking down at Sigurd's passion-ridden expression before he leaned over Sigurd and took the lower lip between his lips, lightly tugging and licking as he started movement that went back and forth, over and over breaching silken walls that twined tightly around his shaft, choking him with tight heat that would not stop.    Luckily he did not want it to halt.  He rode downward, filling up Sigurd.. emptying him, and then filling him up again.. in a cycle that kept continuing for what seemed like eternity.

"Faster.. please.."  Sigurd's begging was not lost on Citan and he quickened the pace despite the fact that he knew it was going to be soon.  He could feel it in muscles that ached around him, spasmed in the orgasms prelude.  It would be soon, he could feel it in his balls that tightened painfully with the excess of sweet jism that ached to get out.  A few more thrusts and it would all be over.  He tried to hold it back for as long as possible.  Knowing that when orgasm came, it would end. 

~Gods.. I do not want it to end..~

Sigurd's voice had risen, getting higher in it's pitch.  Moaning that did not end for anything.  And then he felt it... the panting, the hitched gasped that singled the impending scream.  And then it came.. shattering his senses.. but rebuilding his soul in the process.  Sigurd's cries as hot seed lava'd out of the cock that frictioned against his stomach and likewise spread warmth there.  Muscles clenched and spasmed in a white hot statacco rythem that sent him reeling.  He was not long after in coming, filling up Sigurd with his own silent orgasm which had snuck up like a thief in the night of Sigurd's darkness.  He saw light behind his closed eyelids.. and then the flutter of wings.  He had transcended something, even though he did not know it then.

Panting he hovered over Sigurd, staring down at the man until he opened his eyes.  The lazy cat expression, the way sweat beaded his own visage.  Everything told Citan that this had been wrong.. and yet oh so right.  He refused to think about it right now.  He refused to concentrate on anything but Sigurd's body against his own.  Kneeling his head down, he pressed his ear to Sigurd's chest and proceeded to listen to Sigurd's heart without the aid of the stethescope.

Sigurd tried to talk but Citan halted him with a press of finger to lips.

"Do not say anything.."  Was the hoase whisper as he willed their breathing to calm down.  Citan knew well enough that when speech was brought back.. then would be the time for rational thinking, for coming to terms with what had happened.  And he was not yet ready to do that. 

he wanted to enjoy the fragile moment before he would be held accountable for his actions.

"So pull yourself over me
Until there's nothing left to see
There's just one thing missing
The one thing missing here is love"

For he would have to be held accountable soon, the giving in to sin never came without the price that must also be paid for it.

"I Like the Way" by Darren Hayes.

Songfic by Nia/Hyu Westphal

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    Long time no see! Once again I am over at Dreamwidth however if you find yourself being added by an 'alwaysbeenasmiler'; that's me. I've added some…

  • : Pimping : (come on people, we need more people for this challenge comm)

    ff_land is a Final Fantasy-themed challenge community where you first get sorted into one of six teams (Soldiers, White Mages, Black…

  • (no subject)

    They have some sort of Final Fantasy sorting thing over at Dreamwidth that I am sort of interested in. I am reading my application and I'm thinking…