Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Brief Update~

Today is a rainy day.. and I'm feeling it.  I'll be around AIM sporadically.. however tons of Prince of Tennis to go through.  More fanning of all of my boys.  We went to Walmart where I had to pick up black CDs.

Guess what kaitou_marina?  I'M GONNA START FMA! *cackles*  So then I'll be able to do fannish stuff with you as well.  Perhaps we can RP.

Excuse my moods.. it is just one of -those- days.  I get those every two or three months, were I am a bitch and difficult to live with.  Ask Yui. (my roommate).  In which case I grow possessive, paranoid, bitchy and melancholy to boot.  Don't take it personally, it is all me.  Every single bit.  Not to mention I have the headache from hell.

Oh yes.. in PoT.

Snake = Penis.  That has been deducted.  Gods I love tennis.

And the ghey, that series is so ghey it isn't funny in the slightest. *thuds*

And is it just me or is Inui giving Kaidoh some training that -doesn't- involve a tennis racket and.. doesn't involve just one ball but two.
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