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Sora and I have embarked upon an AU.  Which is a demon/angel City type thing.. involving all of our characters from UO.. converted to this AU.

And it's starting to have STRONG Prince of Tennis themes with August Riddle resembling Tezuka and Magus resembling Fuji.. and our characters Kai and Yuli taking up the place of the Golden Pair.    Momo and Ryoma are going to end up being Dax and Aidan and I shudder to think who we'll get pinned for Inui and Kaidoh. *cackles*

To be fair, we put Miles in as Magus's twin brother.. and this Miles is devoloping to be someone very grumpy.  Hopefully Canbiel will fix it. X_x

And Magus, oh gods Magus.  He got the wrong school uniform because everyone thought he was a girl..  and so he was wearing girl's uniform to school so EVERYONE (including August) thinks he is a girl.

Ah, Tennis love for all.

I never thought I'd see the day when I was in to a Tennis anime. *cackles*
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