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~There's something about you.. baby so right..~

Tenipuri is such a phallic show.

Episode 16:

  That Snake is Unbelievable!  Can he TAKE that snake.  Oh it got past his defenses.. OMG! *several character pan shots of everyone going "OH!" as if they just got through watching Kamio and Kaidoh having buttsmex on the court.*

And Horio.. someone hand me a prosthetic cock to shove in his mouth. >_<  Anything to get him to stop saying, "I HAVE TWO YEARS TENNIS EXPIRENCE!". <--- Which is like the conversation starter between ANYONE and Horio.. with the exception of Tezuka.. because He wouldn't finish saying "I.." before Tezuka walks off boredly.

Yes, I'm enjoying my PoT downloads muchly.  Can you tell?
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