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Parting before bed thoughts:

Hoshi Souichirou has a NICE voice.  It can make me melt. >_<  I might have to get some of his Harutoki songs.

I have been going through a BIG BIG BIG writing drought.  I haven't even been motivated to do drabbles except for the occasional few.  And that makes me sad.  I really need to get into the grove again.  I think all the new fandoms I've been immersing myself in has sort of sucked my brains out.  (Because I know my soul's been sucked out...)  I see the contribution at Xeno and Spira 100 word drabble communities and I feel bad because hell, I am the co-mod.. I should be posting like 10 drabbles.. A DAY!!!!. X_x

I think that when fauxfaia's motivation went, it decided to elope with MY motivation.. except while her's came back.. mine decided to stay and have illict smex with the tiki boy.

I have a stalker/fangirl now which is highly flattering. -_-;  I give her cookies.. just as long as she doesn't try to steal my boxer shorts, I will be just fine. (No boxers.. mine! *huggles the green silk*)

I was going to do the daily download thing, but then I realized that with the Seki Toshihiko song I already did.. so no worries there.  Just need to figure out the title of it. *sweatdrops*

The 9th episode of Maria-sama ga Miteru is downloading.  I wonder if I'm going to want Touko to die in this episode.  We shall see.  I really don't like her, I know there are people that do like her.. but she's not my favorite.  But then my heart belongs to Sei.  Sei is my type of woman.  Excuse me while I drag her off in all her blatantly lesbian glory.

Thank you otah for the snazzy Seki Toshihiko MP3.  Mmmm Seki singing rock = Audiogasm.
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