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~Thoughts on.. PoT and 3rd episode of KKM~

Yes, I go around calling Tezuka "Captain Dork" now, thanks alot to the site that kaitou_marina sent me (thanks!)  and to clarify.  I ADORE Tezuka.. but the nickname is so rich. *heehee*  And still my favorite characters remain Fuji and Captain Dork. (*heehee*).    Damn, such a masterful series.  It's Tennis!Crack.  And I need more. *goes to download more of it.  *evil laugh here*

The shots with the "Entering Alternate Reality" is my favorite..  not to mention the SHADOW PUPPETS OF DOOM.

And can't forget the Exposition Hat that gets passed around like a dirty whore. *snickers*

So yes, it's all good for the soul...  Ryoma and Momo.. definitely getting some vibes from them.  And it looks so wrong until I remember that Momo is one year older then Ryoma.

Ryoma though.. so short... looks so like shota bait.

Wait a minute..  if all the guys are under 15.. does that make it.. WRONG?


Convuluted shota.. that's what it is.. damn TV TOKYO.....

In the third episode of Kyou Kara Maou.. I have re-affirmed my love for Conrad..  not enough Gunter but once again the creators of KKM must whap it's viewers over the head with the fact that it is a 39 episode gay joke.  Oh and when Gunter reached INSTINCTIVELY for Yuuri's pants... that was beautiful too. -_-;  In a messed up perverted way.

Never said I wasn't perverted though.  I'm a horrible pervert. ^o^

I also decided that I -need- to do a Xenogears songfic to the song "Forever not Yours".. that fits Sigurd more then "Cannot Hide" does.  Oh the very sad lyrics, I had an angst attack while listening to the song.  Ah, so expect songficcage, if I can get off my lazy unmotivated ass to do so.  >_<

That has been my utterly pointless update for the day.

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