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AU College!Hyuga in the course of one RP turned into AU Instutionalized!Hyuga.  Oh gods I don't think I've cried so hard during an RP.  And Angels and Devils just had to come on RIGHT when Baralai was breaking the news to Sigurd.  *shakes head* oh the wrongness that ensues is just.. well wrong.

Oh noes.. the angst!bunny strikes again.

We had to take a pause on AU Xenogears!Citan and AU Xenogears!Sigurd.  And Citan's eventually death in Deus.  That particular plotline focusing on "What if Sigurd had never been taken to Solaris."  And in that particular RP, Sigurd has a cute boyfriend named Amon who just about HATES Citan.  Oh but that one will be angsty because Sigurd will be rather made at Citan for not telling Sigurd about the fact that he was *coughcoughSOLARIANcoughcough*  And they are not going to make nice..  not until Citan dies.  And by that it will be too late.

kurohyou inspires me to kill off characters.  She's my luff-monkey.
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