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I just watched the first episode of Harukanaru Toki no Nakade

My thoughts on it?

Well I did not understand -any- of it. (I'll download the subbed version when a distributor decides to put it out)  But I could pick out what was happening by actions and random japanese phrases put out.  And I must say that I definitely like Tomomasa and Tachibana. *insert random hearts here*  I ADORE Tachi's voice..  as well as Tomomasa.  In fact they are my two voice babies.  I love Byakko.  I love them alot.

I think that Inoue voices him well.. it is evident that Tomomasa is a man of the world.    And I wasn't thinking of him as Kakashi through the entire thing which is a plus (because I tend to equate Kakashi and Inoue Kazuhiko's voice.. probably because of the sheer ammount of episodes I've seen Naruto.)

Yes, I've definitely developed an obsession.

And this is my daily blasphemy for the day.  I like Harutoki better then Angelique.    You may flame me now.  *hides from flames*  Maybe it is because I like the ancient japan theme.. (and guys in robes turn me on...)

Yay for my Byakko duet song.  *gets out the fans and does the Ginji*
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