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~Being sick is a bitch~

Ever since Sunday night I've been sick.. hence no real definite journal entries.. I think it is because when I am sick, I have a reaaaaaaaaaaally short attention span. And because of my sickyness, I found myself a bit relieved when kurohyou cut our RP short.  and to illustrate this point, I went out to play Final Fantasy X-2 for all of about 10 minutes before I went "Screw this" and went to bed.. I slept out in the living room and all the cats used me as a pillow.. (hurray for eight cats covering me), and now I am up at this obscene hour. This -rarely- happens. I have not seen seven o'clock for a LONG time. (the a.m, not the p.m.)

I really need to finish my "I like the way.." smut, however when I am sick I am afraid mansex is the la~st thing on my mind. >.> (famous last words.. get em while they're hot).

I might upload a song for all of you guys... you know, I am bored enough.. I'll upload the next song that comes up.

Random Music Download

Title:  Time by E-Type feat Nana
Genre:  Eurodance, H-NRG
Comments:  This song is a very good song and E-type is an excellent group, definitely something to get you moving.. not to mention the lyrics are inspirational while being upbeat.  Yes, first an Inoue Kazuhiko song.. and now this, my tastes are really ecclectic.    I never said I was normal though, right?  Pshaw.. I'm the last one to claim normality.

Remember to comment if you download.. and if the download does not work for you, comment to tell me to get off my lazy ass and re-upload it to You Send It
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