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There were like three livejournal friends that featured in my dream.. and probably three that you would not expect.

bikun, gamera and jurhael were in my dream.   

I was at my grandmother's house and I was having one of those slumber parties that I was known for in high school.. and they were all their and chatting with my grandmother, until bikun tried to convince me to join that NaNoWrMo thing, and I was uncertain.. of course we were also talking about fandom wank too.. which was highly amusing itself.. as well as the Maria-Sama ga Miteru wank.  (that one really seemed to be in my head)'  (Sorry bikun, we didn't have hot bondage sex. -_- )

But of course their parents came to pick them up and I was sent out on an errand to the post office by my grandmother, so I went and I was like the only one there.  However it was not like the OLD post office box number that I remember so I was stumbling around searching for the right box. (i.e the one the key would turn in) and this strange lady comes up and asks if she can use my key for her box, and I'm like "WTF HELL NO!" then she asks to use my ATM card and I just walk off and ignore her because I know she's like smoking crack or something.

Then I went to my cousin's house old house, and I see that it has turned snowy outside. (snow in the California desert is rare) and I look at my clock and it is 9:30 and they are all asleep so I don't really go in. 

And then there is a Duran Duran concert and Andy and Roger are drunk off their ass during a concert.  I'm on a couch right on the stage so it doesn't matter but I feel rather sorry for Nick, John and Simon.  However they decide to sing themselves and they do.. rather well.  Everyone starts clapping along to it and then everyone sings the words for them much to their surprise.  Then he invites people up onto the stage to sit and watch an informational video with the band.  I don't get called however I'm sitting close enough to Nick that it does not matter, I can just reach over from my couch and pet him.

Needless to say I woke up a bit wierded out by my dream.

Eh, time to wake up now. *thuds*

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