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~Two notes today~

First of all I would like to say happy birthday to one of my favorite air signs. aeromancy!  Enjoy your day, alright! ^_^  I know I do forget alot of birthdays.. but not Aeromancy is not one of them.. I think because he's been with my journal a hell of a long time.

Next.. for Xenogears fans.  I just read THIS and it definitely made me.. I don't know.. sap. ^_^  Because I am one of those people.. that played Xenogears.. who played and fell absolutely head over heels in love with it.  Xenogears was never really -destined- to become mainstream because yes, it was a game for thinkers, for dreamers.. for people who think outside the box.  Such an emotionally charged game, there was magic in every fibre of that game.

Just by reading it, I feel like the Xenolove will not die. -_-

I dabble in fandoms.. but Xenogears will be my -true- one.... like a damned jealous mistress. -_-;

And a few months until Jin. *snickers*  I can't wait.. I can assure you that once I play Episode II.. my Jin muse will be in full effect. *swoons*
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