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~Questions from shake_the_stars~

1.) Who are your favorite '80s artists?

Oh this is rather easy.  I actually am a big 80s freak..  of course my reasons are rather superficial.    I had this gay uncle who I absolutely adored and our bonding would consist of sitting in his room and watching MTV and VH1 at the time.. where we would oooh over cute guys.    And therein was born my love for such groups as Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, ABC, Breathe,  The Thompson Twins, A-ha and New Order.  Oh yes we can't forget The Cure and Culture Club.    And so needless to say those are the groups that rank right up there in my favorites.  Along with The Police and Alphaville.  My favorite of course will be Duran Duran forever more.. mainly because of Simon LeBon's singing voice and the fact that his lyrics make absolutely no initial sense.  (however listen to such songs as "The Chauffer" enough and you'll find that they start making a whole lot of sense.  Depeche Mode would be another favorite group, mainly because their music is so angsty and sex/religion centered.. not to mention that I always get the urge to sing "Little Sixteen" to Talyn.. I don't know why.

2.) What...is your quest? ^_-

My quest is to instigate my very own harem, and put pretty young japanese/korean/chinese/german/english/french/swedish/indian/finish/spanish/canadian it it.  We shall call it Nia's Love Shack though my most favored and honoured concubine will be kurohyou.. ^_^  Oh yes, and I can't forget the subquest to put my muses through as much emotional trauma as they can absolutely take. *heh's*  But that's minor. *snickers*

3.) Time for some Username Fun! What is a hyu, and why does it only have one wing? Would this not make it difficult for it to fly?

Well as you have no doubt noticed, there is a single person that appears in all of my icon pictures.  That is Citan Uzuki.  However in the Xenogears realm  (Xenogears is a square game that is non-final fantasy.. one of my favorite games ever) he is a top secret agent of course, kinda like James Bond.  And his -real- name is Hyuga Ricdeau.  His lover, Sigurd Harcourt (though his lover purely in my mind, I do not argue canon... though I embellish it sometimes) calls him Hyu.    There goes that part of the username

Now in this one section of the game.. in fact the Nisan Cathedral, there is a statue of two androgynous angels and the myth is that each person is born with one wing.. and that prevents them from flying so to speak.  They have to search for the other person who has their matching wing.  Only then can they truly 'fly'.    It's sentimental and when I made it, I was sort of searching for my other wing.. the person created just for me.    And I found her. ^_^  Eh, I'm a raging sentimentalist... despite my cynical and people hating exterior.

4.) If you could be any kind of pizza topping, which one would you be, and why?

I would have to say Mushrooms, because I like mushrooms, and they always get such a bad rap.. y'know.

5.) Will you huggle duokinneas for me next time you see her?

It would be my pleasure, I would probably enjoy that. ^_^
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