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Okay so the rundown so far...

Astronaut  definitely a Citan song... especially when the song seems geared toward him and Sigurd's relationship

Bedroom Toyskurohyou's Sigurd muse already likes to strip to this song.  *cackles* He tried to give my Citan a lap dance last night to it.  Needless to say Citan does not nosebleed very often, but that was one of the times. -_-  (Note: Also played with Sigrd and Shitan.. our super!ILLICIT muses. -_-  That relationship is the most WRONG out of all the muses... because well..  those incarnations got the most twisted premise.... and I am suprised Yui made a 87 on her understanding roll.  *feels Yui an Elly!pop*.. though to be fair.. Shitan -doesn't- look like his father.. he looks like his mother.. so that doesn't make it SO wrong.

What Happens Tomorrow;  A Crimson Squad song.. all three of them.  It's nice. *hee's*  Kuro liked it which is a good thing.

And now I have visions of chibi Gaara running through my head with this new song that came on.  Chibi Gaara is so cute.. just as cute as Chibi Orochimaru.  Hard to believe that Orochimaru was chibi.  *snickers*  Man I can't wait for episode 103 of Naruto. *hops*  And episode of Maria-sama ga Miteru ~Haru~

"Turning sadness into kindness,
Your uniqueness into strength..
It's okay to get lost so begin walking
once agan.. once again.."

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