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Well, it looks like Naruto episode 103 is going to be another filler episode.  Damn it, I want to see more of Itachi. *thuds*  You know, Naruto music is like a parasite.  It grows on you.  Especially Vive Rock which isn't my usual style of Jpop/rock.  But damn.. I think it's the dancing chibis.  The dancing chibis will do it to you every time.


Oh yes, everyone see my icon.  This is made because kurohyou and I were talking about it on the phone.. about how we were several peoples on our friend's list OTP.  So I was like, "I'll make an icon"

And who better to portray us then Citan Uzuki and Sigurd Harcourt.

With Citan playing me and Sigurd playing Kuro.    And let me tell you.. Kuro looks nice in an eyepatch.

And we're gonna go to space here..
Because I'm leaving with an astronaut...

And also.. I'm still working on the songfic.    Damn it, I just got inspiration for it, and then inspiration sort of left.  However I -have- to finish it, I have only two more stanzas to write for.  So Sigurd and Citan -shall- get their smut. *heh's*

And there are several people who are dying to know who tops who.  Well that is such a secret! *grins*

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