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~I like the tension, the tension and the spark~

Oh dear, I am working on a Citan x Sigurd songfic.  The one I discussed yesterday in a phone post.  This is going to be 100 percent smut unfortunately. *heh's* (for fortunately, it all depends on if you -want- to read my smutty ficcage, but this songfic.  I want this to be psychological as well as smutty.  So needless to say I am working on it.  Definitely a catchy song as well. ^_^

And because I am a sucker for this meme.. (and it will be repeated..)

If you've got your mp3 player (or any media player) on, whatever song comes up next on it? Go to Yousendit.com and send it to onewingedhyu at gmail dot com. Don't think about it, just send!

And once again, I'll reciprocate soooo... *snickers*
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