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~Visit with duokinneas~ HURRAY!

For an alternative version to this trip, go::link here:: Talyn's Representation of our trip to Boise ::link here:: which is equally amusing and very lovely.  Different people have different takes on things and well it's time for mine.

But now here is my version of the day..

I woke up at an insanely early time, mainly because I have a fear of having absolutely no time to prepare for my trip.  I am a virgo, I need alot of preparation.  I know that Talyn likes to tell me that I'm proud of my virgo-ness but it's the truith, really it is the truth.  I am proud, if but a bit blah of my birthright.  I think it is because I like being a virgo, but I'm also aware of all the downfalls of my virgo nature.  So anyways I checked my email and the whatnot and then I messed around online for a while.. then after I cleaned out the car.  Then I kept FORGETTING Things, which accounts for the fact that I was fifteen minutes late getting there to Talyn's house.  Good thing she didn't hold it against me.    After getting batteries for my MP3 player I headed off in the direction of Boise.

I listened to such lovely songs as "I Like the Way" which gives me an idea for a Citan x Sigurd songfic.  The basis of course is the very first time that Citan cheats on Yui with Sigurd.  It is definitely a "Cheating" song.

I Like The Way

Somewhere inside my evolution Karmically I seek retribution
Looking for love in physical beauty
Desire is the drug of the bourgeoisie
And now I try to intellectualize
Like a glimmer of good in a bad man's eyes
I am consumed by the flesh haunting me
I know temptation taunts the empty
So pour yourself over me
Until there's nothing left to see
Because I like the way you move in the dark
And I like the tension, the tension and the spark

The decadence of giving in to desire
Creates such empathy within
Lookin' for love in the spiritual faces
Blind to the art of fabrication
I'm like a baby sucking mamma's milk
Wanna drink my fill and then some
Leave me alone
I always thought I was better than this
But temptation tempts the temptee
So pour yourself over me
Until there's nothing left to see
Because I like the way you move in the dark
And I like the tension the tension and the spark

This physicality
shifting me chemically
such power over me
It’s just desire
I know its trickery
I know its just skin deep
I know I should resist
I'm just too tired
Too tired

There's just one thing missing
one thing missing here is love

I like the way you move in the dark
I like the tension, the tension and the spark

So pull yourself over me
Until there's nothing left to see
There's just one thing missing
The one thing missing here is love

And I got such lovely mental images, and I figure if this post is too big, I will make another post.  But yes, Citan and Sigurd are going to get another slam of inspiration into them.  I especially like the line, "The Tension and the Spark" and it holds so much.. poignancy.  From someone who thinks alot about lyrics. (unless of course it is Inoue Kazuhiko who could sing "It's a Small World" and I would be very very very happy with it.    But at any rate,  I got to Boise in a record 30 minutes and ambled over to Talyn's house.    Where she gave me my present right off the bat.

I nearly LOST it.

She got me the first season of Maria-Sama Ga Miteru which just sort of stoked me so much.  She knew it was my favorite yuri show and well I can't help it, it was just spiffy.  And as Talyn said, (and so did I) there will be much screencapping for me. *evil laughter here*, full of my favorite yuri girls.  Ah, she shows what a great Soeur she is. *pets her* I told her quite simply, "If I didn't love you before, I absolutely adore you now.."  so yes it just means that she was paying attention,  I'm flattered when anyone does it.  It was nice, that shall be something I will be doing later, watching the first season again. X_x  It's lovely.    I didn't bring my stuff in yet, probably because Talyn and I still had to go to the ATM machine and the mall. ^_^  As well as Barnes and Noble and Borders.  (We were bookstore crawling. *evil laughter*)  And so with much pomp and fanfare we headed into my car.. which I conveniently named "Yggsdrasil" and we headed out into the sea sand of Boise.   

The song that came on.. an Inoue Kazuhiko song.  Which was exactly how I planned it.  My purpose?  To overwhelm Talyn with hot Seiyuu lovings.  And I did.  I saw that glazed look her eyes took on and the way she started swaying.. it was kinda cute. *heh's*  And it worked.  So when Inoue Kazuhiko started to sing, both of us got this dreamy look in our eyes.  Ah he is our voice god, we are going to do a time share on him for our voice babies.. though I think Talyn wants to have his regular babies.  As for me, NO MEN HERE!  (though I talked a great game in the car.. the whole "OH I WOULD SO TURN STRAIGHT FOR HIM" which no one believes, especially not Talyn)

I then taunted Talyn with thoughts of the tea party song.  Oh yes, but we shall get to that later. *heh's*

I did what I normally did in a Boise situation whenever Talyn was in the car, I bitched the drivers out.  And she was giggling, I also told her that one day I might pass the wheel on to her.  (OMG SHOCK TEENAGER driver..) Well I -do- trust Talyn.. I think she's responsible for being a fifteen year old.  That's my personal opinion.  We gabbed until the mall then I parked in the farthest place I could find.  Mainly because I hate driving around to find a parking spot when I have perfectly good usable legs.  I figrue that we can walk and save us around five minutes of trying to find a parking spot due to the fact that EVERY TEENAGE GIRL and BOY in Boise are at the Mall.  (either that or Edward's TwentyOne, everyone shoulld know that I find that place to be a sweltering festering whole of immaturity.  And I argued with Talyn about how she was a mature individual.  She was arguing with me back.  That's what you get when you get a cap and a virgo together.  But for the most part we're on the same wavelength.

We went to the ATM in Boise and I got out cash and I found out that there is a language called Hmoob.  At least that was a selection at the mall.  I'm trying to figure out -what- Hmoob is. -_-  Is it even a language? It probably is but damn it I spent a few minutes in front of the computer trying to figure out what it was. -_-;    Then Talyn dragged me off..  -_- and we went to Software Etc.  X__x  where I tried to find the game guide for Star Ocean: Til the End of Time.  But the bastages didn't have it. -_-  So then I dragged her to Suncoast where we went at my insistance to check out the slashable guy. -_-;  He's really cute.. and well I can't help it.. X_x;  We drooled over the pocky and of course I gave Talyn my expertise on Hentai Games. *heh's*  (they had some in Suncoast..  it was wierd.. X_x )  But then I didn't find any manga that I wanted because I'm uberly picky.  Sadly the guy didn't ring us up.  Awww that made me sad.  But we ambled out.  Though I didn't mention that today was sacasm day and I was full of lovely snide remarks for everyone that crossed our path, which led Talyn to dub me the Cynical People-Hating one.  *heh's*  Which wouldn't be too far from the truth.

We went to Borders and we browsed around.  I know we annoyed the girl in there reading her nice safe het manga.  Because I was like, "damn it I want my boy sex.." and then she just sort of picked up her stuff and walked away.  If she's driven off by something like that.. then well, it's just sad.  I certainly would not of stormed out had she been like, "OMG WHERE IS THE HET SMUT!" *heh's*  It's a live-let-live world. X_x

And Talyn... oh gods Talyn.  I started listing off yaoi manga names for her and she located Only the Ring Finger Knows and I am sincerely in her debt.  So now I am in posession of that manga which makes me very much teh happy. ^_^  Now to read it.  Whenever I'll get the time to do that. *snickers*  I bought it and then we trotted out there to put the manag in the car, then we headed back to Barnes and Noble for lunch.    It was okay but not as good as I had expected. X-x  So next time we get the fun coffee drinks at the place and then save our lunch for chinese or something.  But oooh oooh Jones Soda.. teh fun!  We were much amused with the bottles.  Peeking in and out because there were weird symbology splattered everywhere..  Like on my bottle it said.  "Rinse, Lather, Repeat.." And I was like, "What sort of crack is this.."  To which point Talyn started choking on her straw.  Hopefully I don't kill her during my association.  Many times she has turned red, choked or started crying with laughter at things that I have said. *pouts*

And yes, I DID OOGLE THE MIYUKI CHAN IN WONDERLAND MANGA.  I couldn't help it, half naked fantasy girls in poses.  It was like crack for a crack addict, I hope I didn't slobber on it too bad.. .and once again Talyn was wonderfully tolerant of Nia's rampant hentai-ness.  I -am- dirty at times.  But I figure it is a survival skill if anything.  Can't go through life being a prude, you know.

And I did pick up a japanese dictionary.  Yes I -did- peer in Talyn's mouth.. but that was about it, I looked like an absolute dork because I did it in the bookstore.  I -am- a dork, and then I saw how her tongue went when she said 'n" so it was nice.  And she had minty fresh breath YAY!  (Well not minity, but hey it was better then her dog's breath. *makes a face*)  Then we went to the sex books.. and Talyn was crawling around on her hand and knees, and me being the good Onee-sama was advising her not to because of all the Boise perverts in the store. (though to be perfectly fair it would of been worse if we had been in Wal-Mart or something).  Then scrambling over to check out the gay sex books.  Talyn now wants to buy all sorts of gay erotica.  She was positively squealing, it was cute.

I did find my Star Ocean: Til the End of Time game guide.. and it was happy.. I bought it and then we headed out.

We went to her house, all the while listening to the Tea Party song.  Yes, it was a moment where we were just like, "OMGWTFLOLBBQ",  I heard it before of course, but Talyn.. well I was living vicariously through her.. so she started gasping for breath and I lost it.  Ah Angelique bois.. we love you. ^_^  Along with Inoue Kazuhiko.    We got back, and then we proceeded to get out the Playstation where we were going to set about making it a duo effort to playing Xenogears.  Our theories were interesting.  Talyn harassed Fei-Fei and I harassed Citan (of course)  And she laughed at my voices.  There was one part where I couldn't do the voice because she told me that whenever Dan's name came up, we had to replace it with "Bozo" and so needless to say, she choked my Citan voice. X_x.  And we wandered around Lahan, I showed Talyn how Fei molested bearcows, we commented over Fei's wedding dress envy then we took his ass up to see Dr. Uzuki. 

It was a shiny moment.  There were stars in my eyes.  When he enters the screen, my heart flutters.

Oh yes, Weltall.. he's Mr. Happy now.  Don't ask..  we just made him talk in dork voices. *heh's*

After we got through the destruction of Lahan(tm), I took my leave and packed up my gear, but with more interesting things to think about.  Another great time had by all.  I do enjoy spending time with my little sister.  It's fun! ^_^  Okay, no more typing.. my hand hurts. *cries*

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