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~Atlantis is calling.. S.O.S for love~

Oh gods, I love Inoue Kazuhiko's voice.  It is the type of voice that gives me shivers running up my spine.. insta-orgasm.  -_-  Especially his Utsusemi no Koi.  And I transfered the love of him over to Talyn.  Which reminds me, for me and Talyn's outing tomorrow I have to make a CD with squeal-worthy music up on it.  (So everyone I will have quite the update tomorrow.  You know how they get really long when me and duokinneas hang out together.

But damn, his voice.. so fluid.  I have a weakness for really smooth like honey voices on japanese men.  And Inoue Kazuhiko sings as if he's sighing it out, which is just.. wow.. and Tobita Nobuo.  His voice is very sweet and pure.. even when he is singing as Akabane. (which scares me -_- ))

Ah but I have more Seki Toshihiko music to download now.  I have turned into a rampaging seiyuu fan. *thuds*
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