Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Also.. a Xenogears drabble based on the frottage challenge over at fuda_100~

He slinked up behind the eye-patched first mate of the Yggsdrasil.

Placing his hands on the guard rail he peered over Sigurd's shoulders and eyed the coordinates.  He made no effort to keep the space of a few inches between them.

"Where are we now, Sigurd?"  He whispered breathily into an ear as his hips subtly ground against that leather clad ass.

Sigurd let out a hiss of pleasure, his good eye sliding shut.  "You tempt me, Dr. Citan Uzuki"

A few minutes later, the intercom on deck spoke albeit a bit huskily, "30 minute break.. go get some coffee"
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