Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~A little note from Nia's muses~

In a galaxy far far away.. or at least in Nia's Mind

Citan:  There she goes again.  Lamenting about her age.  She honestly thinks that 25 is old.  That must make myself positively ancient..
Oriya:  I pull the age card on -all- of you. *indolently smokes his pipe* 
Aidan:  Dude, -no- one knows how old you are..  and I don't think anyone wants to know.
Oriya: *pouts and goes back to smoking*
Magus Bainbridge: *claps hands together*  So.. what are we going to do for her birthday. *smiles pleasantly*
All Muses: *ehh's*
Citan:  We must -do- something for her?  *folds his arms over his chest*  Now let me tell you, why should we -do- anything for her when all she does is kill us...
Aidan: *interrupts*  Not us.. you..
Citan: *sweatdrops* ......
Watari:  I say we bake her a cake! *delightedly*  Of course we shall, and I shall head that up, along with party coordination!
Muses: *they briefly wonder who died and made Watari events coordinator for Nia's mind*
Watari: *drags Magus off* Come Magus..  let us head to the kitchen...
Enigma: *hums innocently*  "I'm like a cake.. that wants to be baked.. I'm like a pie made for hungry guys... "  *sung psuedo-evilly*
Citan:  Someone shut him up.. -_-
Oriya:  *would.. but is too high on opium to care* *starts chiming along with Slice me Nice because it remiinds him of Muraki*
Citan:  That is it.  I am going into the kitchen to help....
Remaining muses:  Noooooo.. *grabs Citan's arms and tugs him away from the kitchen*
Jin:  Some people like to have their cake... *grabs one of Citan's arms*
Kabuto:  And eat it too... *sweatdrops and latches onto Citan's other arm*
Erik:  *barges in*  Photo opportunity!  *hands Jin's missing glasses back to him and then bades him to put it on.*
Jin: *puts the glasses on and eyes Erik wierdly*
Erik:  *snaps a picture* *titles it, "Men with Glasses:  September and then plots to give it to Nia later*  *explains*  I would of gotten Watari into the fray.. but the kitchen is a war zone.. how much cinnamon can you -add- to a cake.. *puzzles*
Enigma:  You know.. *once again evil*  If you want to make Nia happy and give her a good birthday present, you can all start mud wrestling..  *mud wrestling pit pops up in Nia's mind*
Citan:  That is not a mud wrestling pit.. *sighs*  That is her gutter.. *presses his glasses back up on his nose*
Kabuto:> Then would that not be -smut- wrestling.
Citan: Do not give her any ideas... -_-
Enigma: *gets up.. then pushes Citan into the gutter* Since you're her favorite.. you should go first.. *heh's*
Citan: *flails and splats into the gutter*
Muses: *start laughing their asses off*
Citan:  Why you.. *reaches up from the gutter and drags Enigma in*
Enigma:  *splatters and flails*
Muses: *laughing does not stop*
Citan and Enigma:  *very suggestive looking fighting going on.. to which Erik promptly takes pictures.
Watari: *pops his head out* Who wants chocolate frosting! *sing-song* *blinks.. voice dies.. watches the wrestling scene and then smiles* How very nice of you do do that for Nia-kun's birthday!  You two are the best. *pops back in the kitchen*
Muses:  Ahahahahahaha....
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