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Which reminds me.. my submission this week for the fuda_100

Challenge:  Frottage
Pairings: Muraki x ?  (see if you can guess)
Rating: Definitely R

He had never expected the man in front of him to be proficient in such 'modern' dancing.   But he was, graceful like a crane and as exciting as a fireworks-butterfly.   That sinewy body pressing up against his back and forth, their clothed hips grinding together, leather kissing against staid business suit trousers.

The delicious friction was too much.   He gasped softly and then felt himself let go completely.  It was not unwelcome, this climax

"Where did you learn that?" He gasped softly, almost incredulously.

"Muraki.. even -I- was young once.." and those words were accompanied by a sinful purr.
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