Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Thoguhts on Maria-Sama ga Miteru..~

I have just watched the first episode of Maria-sama ga Miteru - Haru

But I would like to say that I am utterly charmed by the series.    It has alot of eloquence that appeals to my virgoean nature.  It is very, proper and the romances are absolutely lovely.  It really makes me happy, and it is fluffy enough to make me sap but not without it's dramatic parts which is also essential.

My favorite characters to date are:

Rei & Yoshino (I take them as a pair)

My favorite pairings are

Sei x Youko
Sei x Shiori
Sei x Shimako
Sei x Everyone
Rei x Yoshino
Sachiko x Yumi

Man.  okay so I am a very happy person.

Also kurohyou disappeared offline.. I hope that she's okay. *worries*  Because I deeply love her and hopefully she's weathering the storm alright.
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