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~And she's flying in from el dorado with her desire~

I have found a new reason to go to Moxie Java for my morning frappe..  it has everything to do with the uber nice gay guy who waits the drive through. *_*  He was soooo nice, he even gave me extra frosting on my frappe.. it made me feel special... it just was pouring out the sides.  (I know that sounded dirty, I think perhaps I wanted to do that on purpose.)

I went to bed early last night.. (early for me is 12:30.. normal for me is around 4 AM..) and I woke up feeling rather refreshed.  My dream was wierd, it was one of my Disneyland dreams, in which I dreamed I was on Splash Mountain with my cousin Brandon, except we were puttering around the pool area before you ascend the place for the drop, and we were paddling around, at one point in time my cousin Brandon turned into Naruto and was trying to push the log car up the incline with his mad skillz, and I was laughing at him.  Then we were yelled at and had to continue on through the ride.. and it ironically enough turned into a line for something else.. the ride I mean.  It was wierd

I woke up because I had three cats laying over my legs

For those of you who don't know, I have eight cats.  It's a bit excessive yes but we love them all.    Well I know I do.  Shaoran, Violetta, Mei-lin, Kero, Laguna, Kau, Shadow and Hyuga.  (because I had to name a cat after Citan.. -_-  And that cat is a GIRL *cackles*)

Well I'm chock in a few obsessions right now.

Maria-Sama ga Miteru and Naruto are two of them.

Now I -know- that those two series are so different that it isn't funny.  You got the funny/dramatic/fluffy shoujo-ai series about a bunch of girls in catholic school.  Then you have the high action, fast paced, a-fight-scene-lasts-three-episodes ninja show.  That shows exactly -how- wierd I am, ne?  It gives my mind two directions to take...

And is it my imagination or am I not the only one who thinks that Orochimaru is a power-hungry manwhore.

I have some lovely screencaps of him.    And so far my favorite characters are as follows.

1.) Kakashi
2.) Kabuto
3.) Sasuke
4.) Orochimaru (except when he has that tongue out, that tongue SCARES me)
5.) Konohamaru  (because he's just so gosh darn cute.. the eps with the four leaf crimson clover was PRECIOUS)

Okay I've rambled enough for today.. -_-

Afternote: *listens to song*  Slice me Nice would make a perfect AMV for Akabane or Muraki.. -_-;,  Don't you agree kurohyou

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