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~You take me up to the higher ground~

Guess what time it is?

It is time for Nia to change her default user icon.

Now I have this whole ritualistic deal with it, where I have to change my icon by my mp3 playlist.  So I play the little "Guilt by Association" game in which I match up the song (or rather feel for it) with one of my icons.  Being of course that most of my icons are of Citan, it makes for funny-ness all around.  I love fucking with my Citan muse.  He's the single-handed object of most wank for me. (no not that wank, you sickos.)

So now, the song that comes up is.. *drumrolls...*

And I need to finish my Citan and Sigurd kareoke fic damn it.  I know I just rambled. *cackles*

Now for real...

"The Truth Is.." by Kristina Sa

And so I am going to pick the icon, Citan - come undone

Everything was so so clear before we tore apart
But now all my passions are trapped inside this lonely broken heart"

Why does this song remind me of that icon.  I think it is the wistfulness.  The fact that the ribbon in the picture symbolizes Citan coming undone, and the song is a song about the pain of loss.. of losing that which you want and need the most.

It's sniffly.. *sniffles*
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