Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Because Watari is demanding that this lure be cast out to xandria~

RP thread.. this is all this is. *snickers*


Watari had spent the afternoon in his laboratory so to speak.  What did he do you might ask.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that.  He was eccentric, a mass of amber whims and dreams that were gift wrapped in a plain lab coat of white.  Please do not let the lab coat fool you because it was almost impossible to ignore Watari in a room.  He just sort of consumed it with his special brand of light, not pure of course.. more like the drizzle of honey.    He was at this moment taking notes on his gender changing invention prototypes.  Really if there was anything that he liked to do, it was to create seemingly useless inventions.  Probably because he was technology mad and could not keep his hands out of the gizmos and gadgets.

Distractedly, his hand reached for a cinnamon roll that he had picked up during his lunch break and took a bite, getting icing over his lips which he had to carefully lick off.  He tucked his pencil behind his ear and stood back, one arm crossed over his chest as he surveyed his realm i.e the lab table.
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