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~RP post for twistedrper666 for tonight~

If none of you don't understand it.. don't worry.  It's a long drawn out storyline. X_x


Sei Quintess returned back to his cottage and started on the letter that he would craft that would be sent to Lucca and Nadia.  It was a letter that he had not wanted to send but he did it anyways.  With a trembling hand he outlined to Lucca and Nadia in no uncertain terms that Kai -was- to go to Lord Riddle and that there was nothing to be done, no way to resverse the fate.  He did not deliver it by hand, in fact he sent it by post so that he did not have to leave the comfort of his cottage.

For the next couple of days he buried himself in his precious books but the image of September was seared into his mind and rendering all consciousness almost moot.  He was in a haze of half wishes.  Wishes for a past that he had never wanted, and a future that he seemed to want even less.

What had he done with his life?

He had only succeeded in making his children despise him in their own way.  Jin had been obedient but there was no love, neither with Kai.. in fact Kai despised him the most out of his children.  And Neven, he knew without a doubt that Neven would hate him as he grew older, grew in that Riddle bond that Sei had contracted him into.

But instinctively Sei's consciousness told him that he was living vicariously through both Jin and Kai.. or he had been.  He had given those children to September in the somewhat vauge hope that they would save September from himself.  It was a selfish wish, a selfish fate to foist upon his children.  Given because he had been bound at the time, he could not do it himself without incurring the wrath of the Riddle Beast that lay inherent in his wife.

But the need to see September saved and rendered his children's futures expendable.  And that was in a way the most selfish thing Sei could of -ever- done and that made him no better a person then Lord Riddle.

Hot tears slipped down his face as he continued to think about it.

It was not too late.. not too late to draw the circle.. join into that triune and save his children.  Perhaps it was time to do something unselfish.. perhaps it was time to consolidate his dreams, to put them aside so that his children might live free of being marked by September.  As he thought about it, his resolve grew and grew.  He got up from his couch and started to pack his things.. just a few things.  Enough that he would use for a few nights.  He shoved them into a small pack and then he set out for the Riddle Mansion.

Not a note to Lucca and Nadia.. the note would come for -after- he had done what he knew in his heart was the certain and right thing to do.  If anyone would be the one to save September Riddle from the gaping void that was the beast, it could -only- be him.  In in the moments of hurt, pain.. frustration and sadness, the answer had loomed crystaline clear.

~It is time to stop foolishly dreaming, Sei.. it is time to divert fate head on..~.

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