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(I created this meme.. so all love and worship me)

Take the 15 friends that you talk the most to, either through LJ, comments, AIM and the whatnot and pick the song on your playlist that -you- associate with -them.  And then briefly describe why you associate the song with them.

kurohyou =  She has to be at the top of the list.  And the song that I associate with her is Real Emotion from FFX-2. I think that is because the FFX-2 fandom is the fandom in which we truly bonded.  I know that isn't her favorite song or the whatnot.  But it just carries over the enthusiasm that I have come to associate with her.
twistedrper666 =  Now Sora, the song I associate with her is Surgical Focus by Guided by Voices.    Because of the myradity of conversations that we have had.  She appears all sweet and cuddly, but I know underneath Sora's cuddly guise is a woman that is -highly- resistant to alot of things.
xandria = Definitely for her I would pick Tournequet by Rasputina.  I don't know, I think it is the cello underline that reminds me of her.  I mean the words don't apply, but it is that damn cello line! *snickers*    I think it is because of her pictures that she's shown me, the ones of her dressed up.  I can imagine her in that oufti playing a cello.  Yes, I'm wierd.
shimishimishimi = Honey Vanity by Kozi.  It is a very happy sounding song about something very sad.  I see her as being insanely optimistic if that makes any sense.  Well it is a song about hope after sorrow. 
marcus_ryder =  At first I pondered with It's a Small World but then I figured that'd make him love me.. and we cannot have that.  So I opted for something a bit safer.  I'll Be That Girl by Barenaked Ladies.  Yes, it's also a very twisted song.  Marcus would probably go "o_o" if he heard the song.  Not that I'm implying that Marcus is a girl or anything.. nope nope.
fox_reed = Hero by Frou Frou.  Which is an excellent remix of the song "I'm holding out for a hero" song.  I don't know, I think of Foxxie as a particularly heroic person. ^_^  All sexy british voice of her. *hee's*
duokinneas = Well this one is a bit special since I do know her in RL, I would have to say Papillon by Hitomi Shimatani.  It is a very hopeful song and I cannot picture Talyn as anything -but- hopeful.  That and if you talk to her in real life.. you will notice that she flutters.  It's really cute. ^_^
fauxfaia = Real Me by Ayumi Hamasaki.  I think it is because the lyrics, it is about a kickass woman and if I had an example of the lyrics, I would post them but they are all in my head right  now, and I can't transcribe them. *sobs*  My mind is still suffering from that smut dream.  Oh wait I know. "Woman never shows her tears.. woman never shows her fears.. in order to survive".  Okay.. thank the gods for engrish. *hee's*
alexanderwit =  He will always be cursed to be known by the song that he first sent me from the Suikoden Vocals. "Her Sigh" which is the vocalized version of the Radat song from Suikoden II
acerob1 = Notes of Cure songs dance in my head.  I think it is because I think of him as a 'sensitive male" and in my opinion there is no one more sensitive on the male side then Robert Smith.  So I am pinning him on Strange Atraction by The Cure.
bikun = "I Could Never be Your Woman" by Whitetown though to be fair, Closer by Nine Inch Nails comes very close.  Damn comment-bondage-play.  Bikun lets me subsierve her.. ^_^  But anyways it is predominately the first song.  *snickers*
mamorouooni =  This is a no-brainer.  If he doesn't know this song, then he's a real stupid-head.  Estrelas from FF4. (Though it is from the Final Fantasy Love Will Grow CD.. the vocalized voice)  It is his and mine Heart's Song.. it is what twines us together.  Listen to the song and it will tell you the very nature of our sibling-ship.
marifishie  Darts of Pleasure by Franz Ferndinand.  Because it has a very retro swing/rock going on.  And well I always think of Mari as -retro girl- *hee's*  I think that if she hasn't heard the song, she needs to download it and check out the group.  I think she would like the song and/or the group.
tabimendou = "Forest by La'Cryma Christi.  It is mellow yet it has a very wicked beat to it.  It sort of flows, I don't know why it reminds me of her.  But it does... quite a bit.  I guess it is because it is very soothing on the ears.. and so is Tabi. ^_^
superelectra = How Soon is Now  But not the Smith's version, the T.a.T.u version.  I do not think I would be able to associate any other song with you after getting to know your thoughts a little bit more personally.  It's -very- fitting and apt.
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