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Now here is my rant about the whole Akito thing.  It might piss all of you off that were very into the Aktio-as-a-spoiler thing, but well here is my take on it...

Yes, Akito is a female.  Somehow that appeals to me more.  I did not really like Akito in the anime, because I do not like it when guys smack females.  It is just some little squick I have.  Now if anyone should smack a girl, it should be another girl.. because one, it's kinda kinky.. (visions of catfights dance in my head) and two, I have a big thing against men hurting women.

However the fact that Akito is a female gives the character alot of depth and well it just figures, the situation and all.

Now granted that was the consumate fandom-fuck if you think about it.

Yaoi authors find their fics are rendered het and Mary Sue's find out that they've subsequently written their perfect selves into Yuri.  It cannot get more snarky then that IMO.

I do feel sorry for everyone that it shocked.  Because I can understand.  And perhaps I would feel that way if someone had told me that Citan were a female.  However I'd probably likewise go, "Wow, Citan and I are more alike then a thought.." (and if Citan were a female and I were Citan.. Yui's a dish, damn it. *snickers* It'd be so Yuri.. of course the cause of Midori's birth.. but I digress)

Remember, it is just a fandom, it is just a character.  And well.. now I gotta say it, YAY AKITO-SAN!

Thank you, tehlame for pointing it out at snarky_yaoi
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