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~U0 Conversation~

Me:  7 people have crushes on me on LJ.. X_x
Goose:  How kyoot.
Me:  I know.. I wonder what I do to inspire this affection.. no one -used- to have crushes on me like this.
Goose:  Your popularity is increasing.. Maybe its because of your hair color.
Goose:  Soon, you'll have fangirls writing fiction about you.
Me:  And then they will start cosplaying as me at cons. X_x
Goose:  Sweet. More Nia than I can handle.
Me:  Just as long as they don't try to steal my underwear, I'm fine.. They might get me on the day I decide -not- to wear any.. *thuds*
Goose:  So you do have those sorts of days?
Me:  It'd be a fifty-fifty chance exactly. -_-
Goose:  Hm.. I see... Interesting..
Me:  My invisy-junk likes it's freedom. X_x

Yes, we talk about strange stuff there. *snickers*
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