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~Time to change my icon~

Well, it is time to change my user icon and most of you have a good idea of what I do in order to decide what icon I want up.  I let my MP3 list do the talking, because usually I can never make up my mind.  So the next song is going to determine what icon gets put up as default.  Ahahahaha..  yes, this is the moment that Citan doesn't really like.    Because he ends up getting screwed over most of the time.

Right now, "You can win if you want" by Modern Talking is on.. so the song after it will determine.

Once again, I will extole the virtues of Modern Talking, I think I like the fairly bouncy lyrics.  Which reminds me, I need to make a CD for duokinneas because next week we are going to have our what seems like monthly get togethers.  In which I will go to Borders to get some nifty yummy yaoi manga.. then we will go to a park in Boise and read yaoi manga for the afternoon.    Talyn is like the little sister I always wanted but wish I could of had, I think I suit the role of mentorship quite welll.. (except I don't think I'm quite the mentor that her dad would want for her. *snickers*)  But anyways Talyn lost some of her CDs so I said I'd make music for her.  She didn't ask, I just -want- to make the CDs for her. 

And the new song just came on.

"Won't You Come Back" by Breathe.

"Like sands through my fingers,
I watch it slip away
Like those dreams you tried to hold
They leave when you are away.."

And that will be the icon entitled, Citan waiting for Sigurd to come

It is a really sappy song.  Breathe is one of my favorite 80s song because of all the poignancy that they have wrapped around them.  I should transfer kurohyou some Breathe songs, she might just drown in sap. *snickers*

Edit: The song "Small of Two Pieces" just came on.. so the Kuro and Nia forever love icon just minorly missed getting put up. *shifty* Damn Citan.

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