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~Meme gacked from kurohyou and reunion~

I thought this was interesting so I thought I would do it for Citan.

1.)  The first one you may know, and that is his abysmall cooking skills.  He cannot cook to save his (or anyone else's) life.  He spent so much time in the gear hangers that when he tried his hand at cooking, there was really no intuition points left in his psyche.  He has absolutely no hand for it.  And he had to remodel Yui's kitchen after the first time.  That doesn't keep him from trying though.

2.)  Citan plays the violin.  Fluently.  He self taught himself because he's always had an appreciation for instruments and especially the strings.  He rarely plays for anyone though and if he does play, it is where no one can hear him.  It is something that he keeps totally to himself.

3.)  Citan has a whole book of erotica. ((Nia says porn..)) which he had been writing in ever since Sigurd left Solaris.  It is primarly Citan centric though ironically enough there are a few half finished stories of him and Yui.  Stories which never did get finished.    He left it in Shevat though once he got the orders to go down to the surface, because he was trying to make a serious effort to forget Sigurd and devote himself completely to Yui.    Needless to say though the effort didn't work and he's now filling up a few unmarked folders on his computer.  Naughty Citan.

4.)  What is his worst fear?  Does Citan have a worst fear.  Of course he does.  It is the fear of losing, though spiders come in a close second.    In fact if it had not been for seeing to Fei, he would not of set foot in Blackmoon Forest because of all the forest spiders there.  It was duty and responsibility that enabled him to go through that forest.    One of his brothers had a spider collection when he was a child, and got out of it's cage and bit Hyuga, his arm turned purple for a week and he had to go to the slave block clinic to have it's treated.    Poor Hyu.. couldn't catch a break.

5.)  Citan likes alot of music but he has a guilty pleasure for the stuff that they played at the clubs in Entrenak.  Which sounded like 90s euro-disco.  Needless to say if you hear him humming something and can't recognize the classical artist, chances are it -isn't-.

6.)  Citan and Krelian bonded in the labs when he was helping Krelian search for the cure to the plauge that went about in the slave block.  The child Hyuga briefly touched Krelian's thought-to-be-cold heart with his intelligence and knowledge and rapport was formed betwixt them.    Once the plauge hit, Krelian did all he could to salvage Hyuga's body after the ravages of the plauge.  And for the most part he was successful.

7.)  Except for the chest area however, and Citan -still- bears the scars from it.    Plauge scars all over his chest though they have lightened with time.  He's still self conscious and does not go shirtless anywhere. 

8.)  His nightly ritual is to go up to the highest point where he is and look up at the stars.  It reminds him of eternity, and it soothes him.  He is an avid stargazer and he never forgets to look up at the stars even though he might not be at the highest point.

9.)  Back in Jugend due to the Ex-elements perchant for going out and getting drunk every other night, Hyuga managed to create a potion that nulls the effects of alchohol.  He would slip it into his drink before he drank it and then he would continue to be the voice of reason even after Sigurd, Jesiah and Kahr were shot to hell with three sheets left to spare.  It became a habit, and now it's almost instinctive that he slips some of that mixture into the alchoholic bevereges, saying that he likes his reason way too much to forfeit it.

10,)  Citan is the doctor of Lahan village and with good reason.  Hyuga during his days in Solaris underwent two years of rigorous training with Krelian in which he studied medicine.  Normally Krelian did not apprentice anyone, but Hyuga showed his aptitude early on.  Now while it may scare you that Hyuga trained under Krelian, Hyuga can assure you that he only picked up the healing practices.

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