Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~For kurohyou~

This is taking a few songs that I picked at random, I take the lines that either I think fit her, or perhaps a tiny bit of a song snippet that describes how I feel for her.  Enjoy.  You'll get to see how romantic I can be. *snickers*

There's nothing you and I won't do.. I'll stop the world and melt with you.
Princess of my dreams.. inspirer of feelings.
As long as you'll see.. that you reflect on me.. my second element.
Opposite and opposite, our decisions are reversed, facing one another with words that couldn't hurt.  With every little word you're getting closer to me, talking loud and clear.. saying just what we feel today.
When you're there, the sky is bluer...
You could hide beside me, maybe for awhile.. And I won't tell no one your name
You got a way of making sunshine out of rain.. you got a way of turning ashes into flames.  I can't believe you're making darkness into light.. you're making all my contradictions turn out right.
Roses are red, and violets are blue, honey is sweet but not as sweet as you.
Rouge et noir, Rouge et noir.. be the lady of my heart..
If they ever get you down, there's always something I can do.  Because I wouldn't ever want to see you frown.  I'll always do what's best for you.
My feelings and heart belong to you.. I have involved them
But she will hold you, and reach to touch you.. and never ever hurt your heart
Just lying smiling in the dark, shooting stars your head.. dreams come bouncing in your head.. pure and simple every time.
I look to you, how you carry on when all hope is gone, can't you see you're optimistic eyes seem like paradise.. to someone like me.
My spirit to my lady belongs, I would show my devotion in singing my song.
Sight to eyes and warmth to my smile.. you're love has been such to me.
Moving on the floor now, babe you're a bird of paradise.  Cherry ice cream smile.. I suppose it's very nice.
Oh I didn't mean to do it, but there's no escaping your love.
Because I feel the magic all around you, it's bringing me to my knees.  Like a wannabe.. I wanna be chained to you.
You're the nearest thing to heaven girl, just for you baby, fly around the world.. everything I do.. I do it just for you
She's like a song, she's like a sigh..
All of this time, guess I must of been blind.. not to see you and me, we're picture perfect.


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