Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Once being unbanned~

I posted -this- to yunie_braska

I see that you unbanned me. It doesn't matter. I created another community for Final Fantasy 6 entitled ff6_for_all upon personal request by -quite- a number of members at this community. Mainly because myself and others quite honestly think your community has become something akin to a dictatorship. You have forgotten one of the key things about being a moderator. It is not -just- about your whims. It is about others. And just because it annoys -you- personally does not mean that it should be banned to all and sundry. (I am talking about pairing discussions -not- the hardcore yaoi/yuri/het stuff... which by rights should be banned.)

It is called putting the public -before- yourself.

Het squicks me, however with the new Final Fantasy community that I am creating, het -is- allowed, because I realize that -not- -everyone- -likes- -yaoi- -or- -yuri-. It will be a place where canon -and- non-canon pairings are tolerated. (because little did you know that while I love Edgar x Locke, I also support Locke x Celes, hn.. or did you think I was too narrow minded to support something het being the 'evil yaoi fanbrat' that I am.

Your approach and attitude was nothing short of the flames. After all it was a set of perhaps 4 - 6 posts.. and yet you accuse us of -constantly- talking about our pairings. Nothing against you but you seriously need to learn to lighten up about certain things, including fandoms. (Fandoms are not -real-.. they are figments of the imaginations. If someone went and paired Citan and Elly together, you know what, I think I'd -laugh- at it... what right do I have to go up in arms about something inconsequentially posted.)

I sincerely hope that you learn to deal a bit more rationally with that which you percieve on the online world and take it in the context that it should go. That goes for everyone that is attached to their little hang-ups.

This is not a flame, this is constructive critism. Not once did I call you names or use the caps lock in succession like how you did in the post that you soon deleted. This is merely a comment from someone who has been able to mull over the matter logically.

I wish you well with your community and hope that it enjoys continued success, however with that I depart to my own community.. leaving yours behind. Something tells me that it is not a loss for either of us.

~One Winged Hyu~

Just a parting little word.. because I could not help it.
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