Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

yunie_braska needs to take a fugging chill pill...


And all because millyfan and I were talking about the Edgar x Locke FF6 ship in -comments-.  It was hot hardcore like she had originally stated at this.  It was just two fans getting together to discuss the ships that we liked -in comments-, and there was nothing hardcore about it.

Someone needs to take the fandom a little -less- seriously, eh?

And no warning either before I or Milly got banned.

I posted a little something over to the community journal, rationally volleying my case, and she responds with that she is seriously thinking of banning another user because of his backtalk.

Now the only person who said -anything- was blackjackrocket and that comment was "this is so heading toward fandom_wank"

Quite honestly, I am thinking of starting up a FF6 community that is open to both yaoi, yuri -and- het pairings.  Where people are not -afraid- to talk about what they like.  Of course I will bar the hardcore stuff.. (That's what the yaoi, yuri and het comms are for... right?)  But people can talk about their favorite pairings and won't be -barred- from liking alternative pairings or even straight ones.

What the fuck is wrong with a little tolerance on -both- parts.  YAY HET (though I am not a big het fan except for certain expiriences)  YAY YAOI!  YAY YURI..  Can't we just all get along?
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