Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Excerpt from my love and I's RP~

Aka.. the Kuro and Nia Show

Tear Venus: (*thuds at Stephen* When did all my Cs become cocksluts..)
Tear Venus: (Cs: Since you created us!)
Tear Venus: (I didn't -ask- you.. it was a rhetorical question)
Deus Ex Mun: His back arched at the touch, the feel of tongue and lips lapping and licking at his balls with fingers curled into silky hair. Body rocking at each stroke of tongue against him, his eyes becoming even darker as he panted, running his tongue over his own lips.
Deus Ex Mun: ((XDD They just like teh man-cock... ^^ It's delicious and well. I really doubt the nutritional-ness of it but still.. ))
Tear Venus: (Nah it's not nuitritious.. it's protein yes but I wouldn't touch it. X_x  It's a guy thing)
Tear Venus: (Cs: *_*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((C's: Silly fangirls, cum is for cocksluts!// *DIES* My c's are insane...))
Tear Venus: (OMFG!)

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