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~When I say I need you.. baby I need you~

Did I mention I'm changing my userpic?  Yes I am. 

Now we all know the drill.  I change my userpic according to my MP3 list (which is always set on random) And the next song that comes on, I willl pick a fitting picture to go along with my interpertation of the song.  Usually Citan is not happy with the song.. but well he just has to stuff it up and live with it. *snickers*

So now.. *drumrolls*

The next song is....

"Where Angels Fear" by Breathe.

I picked the Bonds of Sea and Fire one.  I think it is because I think of all the shit I've given Citan and Sigurd muse.. (both Kuro and I respectively)

One day I will renew my whole Citan and Sigurd fan squealing.  Since that is my top favorite pairing.  But for right now I won't. *cheeses*
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