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~In theory.. the objects ARE closer then they appear~

Well I had a nice discussion with kurohyou last night and for all of you aware there had been some tension between her and I.. however underscored it was, for the past month.  However that tension I found out was not put there by -her-.  But by someone else.  Which relieved my mind very much.  Of course it taught me once again the duality of people which is a valuable lesson that I swear I -will- get stuck in my head sometime within the next lifespan.

I have never professed to being a perfect person, no of course not.  However there is one thing that I -can- vouch for myself.  I will not go around and mince and say I like you to your face and not mean it.  If I don't like you, there is probably a reason for it.. albeit a valid one.. and as a general rule I like all people until given something to prove to me otherwise that you are just a shitty person to be around or associate with.

No need to worry though, if I don't like you, I won't go out of my way to antagonize you until myself antagonized.  Usually I do the sane thing and ignore you.

However I do not appreciate someone actively -trying- to put a wedge between Kuro and myself.  I really do not.  I do not respect such an action at all and I think it sucks. X_x.    Anyone who tries to put a wedge of discord between Kuro and myself will find themselves getting whacked by my Taruean-Moon Bullheaded stubbornness and my Scorpio perchant for vengenance.  That makes for one mean temper when provoked.

On a lesser note, had a yummy yummy Muraki x Oriya RP.  It made me squee with helpless pleasure.  And it took place back in their college days... poor Oriya, that is all I have to say.  He bought Muraki presents.. presents which only Muraki could fully appreciate.

It is such a shame that Muraki eventually drives Oriya to smoking opium every night. X_x

Oriya: *blows opium rings*

Hey, it -does- keep him distanced from Muraki's brutal killings. X_x  And that can't be a bad thing.

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