Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~RO Adventurings for the past two days~

I really should save these things, they are really funny.    Now the life of my characters to date.

1.)  Aidan turned into a Swordie, which is all well and good except Aidan has no intelligence, he's as dumb as a rock.  So he tries to make it from the deserts of Morroc to Payon.  Yes, that is a good idea.  He gets confused.. and lost.  And Poporings come and jump him.  (And he is nowhere near their levels.  Then he goes back to Izulde and hangs out with this bridge crowd and all but outs himself.  with people going, "Dude, U ghey?".  Ah my poor stupid little swordie.

2.)  Enigma Nadiir is stuck at Morroc, and he wants to get out to Payon and kill stuff.  This inspires a series of pictures involving him.  I would like to call it "Deep Thoughts by Enigma Nadiir".  And they are not deep thoughts so much as insane ramblings from a disgrunted mind.

http://members.lycos.co.uk/onewingedhyu/mun/enigma.jpg :  Directed toward twistedrper666's archer/bard
http://members.lycos.co.uk/onewingedhyu/mun/enigma2.jpg :  Once again directed at the bard.. in lieu of the purple ribbon plot. (Which we shall go through with.. )
http://members.lycos.co.uk/onewingedhyu/mun/enigma3.jpg :  Here Enigma tells us exactly -what- he thinks of Picky's

Enigma then went and bought a flu mask, so that he did not have to breathe in filthy people.  I forsee Enigma turning into Golum.  -_-

3.)  My dear beloved little Magus and his love for August Riddle.  They actually went questing for their job levels together.  Magus saw August turn into a mage and then they went to turn Magus into an acolyte.  Except they got lost. (Because Sora and I were stupid enough not to read the maps correctly.)    Chibi Auggy and Chibi Maggy went to the wrong Ascetic for for the blessing and that started on a wild goose chase.  However Magus learned an important lesson that day. "Priests lie"  and then he came back and he became a little holy man.  To which point August knew he was safe from groping.. at least in public.  They've gone their seperate ways for the time being but it's still cute.

4.)  Erik is on hold, the fruity bard

5.)  Hyu is on hold too.. because he's a bad bad kitty and should not be going around behind Lycole's back. -_-

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