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This is an RP log between twistedrper666 and I.. in which we both lamented about our Cs evident inability to remain mature

Myself: Neven Quintess
Sora: Assiah Cobalt

Neven was not speaking to Assiah.. everyone in the Riddle Household knew this after awhile.  In fact Neven wasn't doing very much speaking to anyone. Jezabel included.  And he was especially frosty toward the Cobalt who guarded him, in fact he tried to avoid being in the Cobalt's company, choosing instead to hole himself up in his study.  He sent for his brother of course.  So that his brother could come and keep him company.

But to be fair he had promised never to say anything else to Assiah.

After a day or two he finally managed to talk to others.  It was just Assiah left out of the circle.  In fact Neven went out of his way to be rather friendly to the two Cobalt twins, Yael and Yuuhi.  Of course they knew that Neven was August's, but it did not stop them from flirting.  More often then not they were not serious, but neither was Neven.  And finally everyone was brought back into the circle.. except for Assiah.

Assiah had kept to himself, besides his dealings with his brother and adopted parents. He did not attempt to speak with Neven and had double the Quintess on his case once Ashura had come by to visit his brother. But today most of that would end, for August had returned and summoned both his consorts into his office along with their guards.

Neven was summouned and so he walked silently a few steps in front of Assiah, meeting Jezabel and Fyre in the hallway, they looked rather like they were facing some things as well.. for Fyre was a bit more distant then usual.  Neven offered Jezabel a smile and then wandered into August's office and took a seat on a red velvet couch and waited for the little meeting to start.  This was wierd.. though August was a bit nicer to his consorts then September had been.  In meetings like this he -did- tend to treat them as equals and not just servants.

Fyre stood beside the door behind the couch were Jezabel sat and merely waited.

"Did you have a nice trip to Sylvia, August?" Neven inquired.  Nothing untoward about it, however he had a feeling this had something to do with the unexpected trip.

August stood watching, he was not surprised by the vibes in the office that seemed to come from both guards and his consorts. As Canbiel had given him quite the ear full when he returned, "Yes, it was..." He tents his fingers before him, looking between Neven and Jezabel first. "You both know quite well how Riddle tradition goes and it is because of that...that I'm going to have to press that you both remain here in the manor as my consorts."

There was a pause and then he continued, "However, from this day forward you both are -free- from my ownership. This is to be kept secret from all but your Cobalt guards...who shall still be assigned to watch over you both."

Assiah felt the corner of his mouth twitch, why couldn't August had told them this before he left?!

August looks to each person in the room, "Understood?"

Fyre did not know whether to be happy or well.. he chanced a look over at Jezabel and then stifled a sigh, still remembering that night with finding out that Jezabel was a female.  And he had sort of charged out without asking any questions.  He nodded that he understood.. however Neven was the next to speak.. and he did so quite calmly.

"You have freed us sir.. I would ask a favor of you.."  Neven said this quietly, almost calmly as he kept his hands folded in his lap.  There was a slight pause and then he continued.  "I beg that I be given a new Cobalt guard."  He said this softly, of course it would cause everyone to look at him.

Assiah had seen that one coming, but kept silent and remained where he was before doing something very out of character for a Cobalt. He pushed off the wall and walked towards the door, leaving out the room without being dismissed.

Jezabel blinked widely, shocked by the turn of events. It had been worse then he had thought.

As for August, he merely rose a fine brow before looking back to Neven. "I'll do nothing of the sorts until I find out what is going in here." He looked to Fyre and Jezabel, "You're both dismissed."

Fyre had watched Assiah just up and leave and then he groaned slightly, not following the other Cobalt but rather waiting for Jezabel to get up from the couch and waited for Jezabel to lead the way.  Eyeing Neven in the process,, he recalled Jezabel talking to him about this.

And that left August and Neven alone in the room to which point Neven sighed and sort of hung his head, averting his eyes from August for the most part and clasping his hands even more firmly together. "It is a long story, Lord Riddle.." Neven said.  "A story that has probably started not long after I was taken by you to live here.  You are not familar with my feelings for Assiah way before I was bonded to you.. however out of respect I had to keep it to myself.. respect for you.  Not long ago you were possessive in a way that you are not now.  But when you changed, it was harder to.. well deny my feelings for Assiah.  And only when you left to go to Magus, well I sort of told the Cobalt of my feelings for him.  He kissed me.. and then he.. he pushed me away.  Then I made a promise to him, that I would never interfere with him again, or seek to talk to him."  And Neven had to admit that part of him wanted to hurt Assiah the same way that Assiah had hurt him that night at the hot springs.

August nods, though remains silent while looking thoughtfully through his tented fingers over at Neven. "Cobalts are more stubborn then Riddles, with it comes to duty and even self control." He began, "And seeing that Assiah is one of Yuli Cobalt's sons...it doesn't surprise that he would have mixed feelings. Just enough to kiss you and push you away soon after."

"But that is neither here nor there, as I'm the last person who should speak of relationships. I shall have another Cobalts assigned to you and I'll relieve Assiah from his duties...so that he might return home."

Neven nodded and then rose up from the couch. "Yes, often times I wondered.. if I could ever have that same thing that him and Kai have..." For a moment Neven's voice went a bit wistful.. but then it was gone mometarily.  And then Neven just shrugged it off and executed a respectful bow.  "I.. well thank you Lord Riddle.  I trust that everything went well with you and Lord Bainbridge?"

"It did, better then I thought it would." August smiled faintly before turning serious, "And Neven? I should like to apologize to you...for any suffering I might have caused you in the past."

"Think nothing of it.. you've never hurt me.. perhaps inconvenienced myself.. but luckily I am young enough that it will not matter." He smiled just ever so slightly, in that certain way that had originally made August try to see if he could make Neven replace August.  It had been that smile that held it's own brand of purity.  "What is important is that you do not waste any time.."  And then he took his leave of Lord Riddle.. and then closed the door behind him and then rubbed his temples.


And yet Neven did not feel very released.  He glanced down the cooridoor, trying to search for his guard, more out of a habit then anything else.  It was strange to be left alone at long last.  He had not been graced with the indulgence of walking alone to his own room in a long time.

Assiah had gone outside, in the garden where he stood in front of the lake and tossed stones inside...watching them sink. He knew Yuli wouldn't approve of his behavior and Zuriel would be on his case. But Assiah knew he had done the right thing that night and if Neven couldn't understand his feeling...then...then.. "Damn it." He tossed another stone in before sinking down to the ground, looking at his own reflection in the still rippling water. "I'm an idiot.."

There was something wrong of course with the fact that he was walking to his room alone, and he knew this.  Howeve he kept walking, though he had to pause at one of the windows overlooking the gardens and he paused, seeing Assiah out there, and he bit his lower lip, for a moment he felt pain.  Pain because apart of him believed the worse, that Assiah was glad to be done with him.  That he would leave out of the room that easily.

But then Assiah did push him away.  He shook his head, trailing his fingers through his raven locks and then continued to his room to stay there and whole himself up for the rest of the afternoon.  And what did he do in that room but cry.. he tried to read but the words were obscured by tears.  Rejection had never been an easy thing and he was still feeling it.

Assiah suddenly tumbled forward and into the lake, as he had been pushed by his sibling from behind. He came up gasping, drenched as a drowned rat and not at all pleased as he glared at Zuriel.

"Yeah, you're an idiot. Sulking for one thing and the fact you let me sneak up on you like that..." He shakes his head, "It's times like this I'm abit glad I'm blind...so I don't have to see you."

Assiah climbed out the water, "I wasn't sulking." He mutters, "Man, now I'm soaked." He frowned, "Happy?"

"He's still in your charge, baka.." Zuriel huffs, "Your duty is to watch him until you've been replaced. So, get to it. Besides...you need to change and your room is right beside his."

Assiah rolled his eyes, "You would have to bring that up." However he walked pass his brother and returned to the house, going straight to his room or he would have had he not heard the faint sound coming from Neven's room. He frowns and reaches for the knob, checking if the door was locked.

Yes, it was muffled sobs against the pillow and that is where Neven was, curled up on his bed, with the pillow clung to him, he had kept his emotions too composed and too cold that somewhere along the line it just had to get out.  It was an inevitability.  The door was not locked, for he had never really -had- to lock his door, after all with a Cobalt guard, most locks were useless.

And whenever he had been alone with August, well locks were still not needed for no one ventured to come in.

Assiah walked inside the room and closed the door behind himself, he had pushed the thoughts of changing out of those wet clothing from his mind and found he was more concerned with the sounds that were now comfirmed as sobs. Had the Cobalt not already felt like a jerk, he surely would have felt it now. "Neven.." He murmured, having gone over to the bed and stationed himself at the side. "I..." He frowned faintly, "What the heck are you crying for?"

Neven almost started and looked up at Assiah, perhaps in surprise that covered the whole of his face, even his tearstained cheeks, before he tried to remedy it, brushing his sleeve against his cheek and sort of turning around on the bed so that he was facing -away- from Assiah. "You are free now..."  Of course that wasn't meant to explain why Neven was crying.

"Well, yeah...you did request that I be replaced. But that doesn't explain the tears, you should be relieved...freed from both Lord Riddle and me." He didn't mean to sound snippy, perhaps it was because he was dripping wet. "I don't see where you get off crying for something you asked for."

"You cannot possibly hope to understand Assiah.." He looked at the wall, silencing his sobs.. well they had been silenced since he had heard Assiah speak.  "Tears are private, and who are you to barge in here and ask me -why- I am crying.. it should not concern you any longer."  He whispered, curling his fingertips underneath the pillow.  "Perhaps one day you will understand the meaning of tears.."

"Oh, don't give me that mush. I'm a Cobalt, I'll never understand them! Ifrit knows I'll never understand you either but that doesn't change the fact that I love you." Assiah managed in a huff, "And that is unfair that you can go play damsil in distress and that I'm the evil Cobalt monster who broke your heard. Pretty damn selfish really, didn't even once consider -my- feelings did you? Did you ever try to understand what I was going through?!"

"You are certainly talkative now.. aren't you.." Oh but Neven's fingers itched around that pillow, but he kept it back.. kept himself from doing something like stuffing the big fluffy pillow down Assiah's mouth.  "Oh yes you can tell me now that you love me.. after recieving August's permission.."  Of course then Neven jerked himself up and then glanced sideways at Assiah, his eyes a certain darkness that glittered and flashed, like dark forest pools.

"Do you even -have- feelings, Cobalt?"  Oh yes that was fighting words.. Neven used "Cobalt" which was like lumping him into a bag with all the other Cobalts. "You proclaim not to understand tears.. but tears are also feelings.. emotion.. and you profess to having them.."

Assiah felt his eye twitch, duty be damned if he was going to stand there and take this. "Yes, we have feelings..." He growled without realizing it, "Just unlike some people, we don't go around expressing them at the wrong time." He stalked closer, pulling the heavy shirt from over his head. It looked as if Assiah was about to force himself upon Neven but instead, the tightened his hold around the shirt and promptly rung it out over the Quintess head. "And that...felt good." He steps back but not expecting Neven to do anything in return.

And the water was rung out, further plastering Neven's hair to his face, the wetness being that his tears had somewhat dishevled him anyways.  He knew that the Cobalt wouldn't harm him in any way.. but this.. this was just unacceptable.  Picking up the now slightly dripping pillow, he whalloped it at Assiah, aiming right for the head. "What are you talking about.  You never express them -at all-."  Neven growled.

"What do you mmph!* He was hit right in the face with the pillow and was left seeing stars for a moment before recovering, skin flushed from the blow. "Well, duh...we're not allowed to!" He snatched up the other pillow upon the bed and would attempt to whap Neven right back.

Neven saw that the pillow was being snatched and he immediately started to roll off the bed, of course not even realizing that their yelling match was probably heard by half the hallway. "You are not allowed to because you are -told- that you are not allowed to.  For all the Cobalts are supposed to have guts.. you all seem rather chicken-shitted to me."  Oh yes, Neven was angry.. he never used expletatives.  "If Riddle told you to go jump off a cliff.. you and your little Cobalt cult would -do- it.. I have no doubt about that!" And Neven whapped at the pillow every time it tried to get near him.  Though he got hit a few times.. mostly on the shoulder.

"Oh, you're one to talk! The Riddles -own- the Quintess' and the Astartes, as least we Cobalts came onto the scene willingly. You all are like pets and where the caretakers while the masters are too busy to play with you!" Alright, so it was obvious that most of the house could hear them and this wasn't the best bashing going back and forth but it did not appear to be an end in sight.

"Well maybe then -that- accounts your your overbearingly boorish behavior!" Neven scoffed and whapped right back at Assiah and in the process got clipped by the pillow.  "It is nice to know you make excuses for the very glaring fact that you are a dick!"

Assiah tosses the pillow to the side and lunges towards Neven, with all intentions of catching him by the waist and throwing the Quintess over his shoulder. "...I'll show you who's being a dick..." He muttered this.

And Neven was caught, and pulled into those rather forceful arms, however he did push at Assiah's chest however he was no match for the Cobalt at least strength-wise. "And when words fail.. you react in a caveman like manner.. check."  Neven said and then yelled. "I swear I will not hesitate to scream 'rape', Cobalt.. "  Thuogh why he was not doing that now.. well it was only obvious that he wouldn't do something like that.

Assiah snorts, "Don't flatter yourself, Quintess. I wouldn't rape you...you're not worth the trouble." He carried Neven into the bathroom, well he was already still damp so what he was about to do...beside one minor fact did not bother him in the least. He turned the water on in the shower, all cold before climbing inside taking the Quintess with him. He set Neven down but kept the other close as the cold water rained down on them both. "....cooler heads will always preveil..." He sighed, it was something Yuli had said once. "...and we're both being hot-heads at the moment...this isn't getting us anywhere. I didn't even come in here to start a fight, geez.."

He was shocked by what Assiah had did, thoroughly carried into the shower and then the water poured down over them, definitely enough to make him gape a bit. "Assiah.." He sputtered, though he could take the cold water, it just poured down and got him all wet however it was enough to bring him back to his senses, to which point his fingers curled, forming a slight fist against the chest.  "Why did you come here then.. to my room?"

"I came in because I heard you crying and I wanted to tell you that I was sorry...for not being able to give you what you needed that night before." Assiah shivered, if there was one thing an Ifrit Cobalt hated it was to be cold. "But...it didn't come out right, so...I'm sorry again." He sighs, releasing Neven. "Anyway, I'm still your guard...until I'm replaced..."

Neven felt Assiah's form shiver and then he reached over in order to manipulate the faucet, and soon warm water was pouring down on them, more for Assiah then anything else. "It is not the first time I've been disappointed.." He said as he rested his head against Assiah's form.  This was said matter-of-factly.

"Your rejection was only an accumulation of what my life has been up to this point.."

Assiah's hand was abit shaken still though the warmth was helping with the shivering and general discomfort brought about by the cold water, "Life is full of....disappointments, Neven." He tried to careful tilt back the Quintess' head, fingers placed under his chin. "But it's kinda a waste to cry over split milk, you know..."

And Neven indeed looked rather pitiful there, with his hair plastered to the sides of his face and his glasses sort of hanged crookedly off of his nose, and then he looked up into Assiah's eyes and for a moment he was calm. "Assiah.."  And of course Neven had to ask himself at this moment.. what he wanted.  And then he smiled almost tremulously.

"You really meant it.. about loving me?" He whispered, swallowing his pride once more, in fact it could be noticibly seen. "If you love me.. then.. please.. don't leave."  Neven was not used to begging or the simple act of it.

"Yes, I meant it." He sighed, looking upon Neven and feeling rather bad now for all those harsh words, melting at the sight before him. "I'm not going anywhere...I won't leave you ever again..."

Neven smiled then, it was a rainbow smile.. and that smile must of been exactly like how Yuli had felt when Kai had bestowed such a radient smile onto him, then he wrapped his arms around Assiah's waist and buried his face against that chest. "I love you Assiah.. never.. leave me again.. never push me away.  I promise, I won't be too difficult.. at least not often.."

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