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Everyone was at Otakon on my FL so that means when I woke up this morning I only had to skip 30 enteries.  There was much rejoicing. *chibi yays*

Wow, I haven't heard this song forever.. which brings to mind my favorite quote from this series and the one I feel the most appropriate.  Which of course is -from- this song and it is about wingless angels having no need to fly.  A very poetic quote, damn if I could remember it flat out, it's in my quote book.  My quote book is out in the car, and the car is probably at Albertsons getting eggs for cupcakes which I'm going to be making

No, I did not sprout the first uber intelligent car.

Alexi's getting it for me.

Maybe I can find the translation at Anime Lyrics  *hurms*

Okay here is the quote and I was wrong about the wingless angels thing

"Excuses really suit adults
who hang on to old stories.
Unchosen angels
have no need for wings"

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