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Well I suppose it is time for a real update from me.  One that does not constitute little one lined ramblings and observations.  Well as everyone probably figured out, I finished Fruits Basket and I would just like to say that was one hell of a series.  It was beautiful, just the symbolism and idealism inherent in that series touched me.  It was sappy enough that I didn't mind it, and it held enough angst to make me happy without the entire ending coming down.  The ending was enough.. it left me content.

I know I will be killed for saying this, but I -do- find the Kyo x Tohru x Yuki threesome pairing to be quite nice.  I think it is because I like Tohru, but I also like Yuki and Kyo together.. but I think Tohru deserves someone.  Put all three of them together and I think it could work.  Besides that Yuki and Kyo obviously love Tohru and I think it just works out in the end.. especially the end.

Now The Blossom Trio.. that's a different story.  Meow.  I think that's my favorite.  Mix and match any of those three and I think it's sweet.  (But remember, I love all three of the guys. ^_^)  And the Kazuma.. I love Kazuma as well.  He was my fourth favorite character, along with Monkey-I'm-going-to-apologize-for-everything.  ^_^;  Oh but Fruits Basket left me very happy.  Now to do massive ammounts of screencapings. 

Though right now I am on a Naruto kick.. with my favorite being tied by Iruka and Kakashi.  Need to add that to my user interests. ^_~.  Of course I am only on Episode 6 so that could change drastically.  Anyone who has episodes 91 - current though.. I would love you forever if you had DSL and you'd allow me to steal the episodes once I get there.  Either that or I may pay Michael to burn the episodes after 90 that he has.  And then I'll leech off of him.  Who knows.

Now twistedrper666 and I can have a fun happy time in Naruto land!

RP-wise, nothing much. Still hanging out in Utopia Orbiting and Sora had an idea for a club that constitutes all of the Seven Deadly Sins with hosts to reflect that particular Sin, called of course Se7en, and guess who gets to be the host of the Lust room? *snickers*  Yup I do.  Desire L. Valentino is his name, I'd link a pic but I don't have to outright so I won't.  Needless to say he uses a Rosiel picture from Angel Sanctuary and people cannot decide whether he is a she or whatever.  Haven't had a chance to play him yet.. but I will.  I think. *sweatdrops*

Also Neven Quintess is demanding a songfic.

Assiah -reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally- pissed him off.  He's throwing things around -everywhere-.  And Magus is happier now.  UO Magus of course.  Magus from the RPs that kurohyou and I are doing, well Magus is Lazuli's slave.  So that Magus is eyeing UO Magus rather enviously.

Enigma: The very fact that Magus has three incarnations scare me..  -_-

*puts a lid on Enigma*

You know the ending song to Naruto sounds like the japanese version of Sting.  The music is actually once again rubbing off on me. X_x;  That is the nature of the beast.  I watch the anime series and I end up adoring the music.  That is what happened with the intro to Getbackers. At first I didn't like it.. but then it slowly grew on me like a parasite.

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