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~Yet another short and concise post~

Happy birthday _kross_  (I do wish people happy birthdays when I remember! *shifty*)

That being said, Janus Zeal is a sick fuck.  And I feel sorry for non-UO Magus, I really do.  He's going to be seriously messed up. >_<

I need to wake up, I also need to grab myself a Dr. Pepper to drink, however I don't think my motivation is sterling enough.  This is the first time in MONTHS that I have slept until 11:30.  That can't happen tomorrow because I have to go to work tomorrow at a quarter to 12.  We are playing Garfield. yar.

Also got to hang out with twistedrper666 last night.  It was fun... especially when the dice rolling begin.  I doubt that she will think of pocky in -quite- the same way again.
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