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~Hey that is my sexual frustration.. give it back~

Oh goodness, where do I start, where do I start.  I know there will be similar enteries in duokinneas's and destry's journal involving this day which was fun all around for all.  I had to call Talyn before I left out to see if the plans were still on, then I made the drive to Boise.. a drive that I made in 30 minutes exactly.. that was going 100 MPH.  (I can't help it.. highway driving makes me want to speed.. and Xenosaga II music was playing)

So I get there, and around 3:10 I roll into Talyn's driveway... we do all the formalities where I give her back her manga and she gives me some Gravitation to read.  I play with her dogs for a moment and we do some random chit-chat while she goes to gather her things up.  Then we hit the road on our wonderful day of crazy habby fun-fun sillyness.

Then of course we pick up Jessalyn (who is a delightful person BTW) and then we head to the *gaspshockomg* MALL!  Where Jessalyn and Talyn learn about my reticence to park anywhere where other cars are.  I always park at the end of ailse and lanes..mainly because I cannot stand to be closed in between other cars.  Then we ambled in and headed to Happyland aka Suncoast where we headed toward the anime section.  We browsed manga, we talked about series we've seen, paged through anime magazines and of course the guy who worked at the register was hovering over us.. then he commented on my shirt. ^_^  Saying that not many people wear Chrono Trigger shirts around.  And here I thought he had been staring at my breasts the entire time.

We went into Waldenbooks, looked at manga there and I had an interesting conversation with a kid that couldn't of been more then 10 about manga.  (He did look young, didn't he, Talyn?)  Then we went into Sears where we made snarky comments about everything and Talyn and Jessalyn were fondling toasters. (Yes that is the real truth.. disturbing.. yes)

In the food court Talyn pretended to argue on the phone with a boyfriend.. and then Jessalyn and I were there to watch this.  I didn't believe she could do it.. but damn if she was not convincing.. I -thought- someone was on the line with her.  She'll make a good actress.. that's for certain.    Anyways then we went to Software ETC where I preordered.. *drumrolls* XENOSAGA II.  (February 16th is where it is at! *cackles*)  It was alot of fun.. with that being said we headed to the chinese food buffet of which I forget the name.  We all ate like mice but it was fun sitting in the booth and talking and drinking soda.  It leant perspective to the entire thing.. intersperesed with the -true- meaning behind ice chewing and Jessalyn's lovely silverware art which the waitress probably was either horribly inconvenienced or highly amused by it.

We got onto the horrible street known as fairview and headed toward the City Center then.  I wanted to go to the Co-op and of course halfway there, Jessalyn and Talyn were all like "LETS GO TO TABLEROCK"

Me:  What is Tablerock?

And they giggled and we followed a street high up into the mountains.  It is evidentally the make-out point of Boise during the night, but during the day it is an impressive view.  Definitely wonderful.. I could most certainly appreciate it.. I felt so high up there.  And overlooking Boise, it was peaceful.  That is what a scenic vista should look like.  We sat up there for awhile talking about life and stuff... (and hoping that the stone bench we were sitting on didn't have like icky fluids on it)

Then we went down, attempting to find the Co-op.  Which is an organic supermarket that sells all sorts of yummy stuff..  Imported stuff. 

And as Talyn said it best.

Nia x Co-op..  OTP!

I was like, "Oooh shiny.." the entire time.  We walked around, checking out the green tea ice cream, the imported jams and the sausages. (don't ask) then we hit the chocolate center.  I started drooling, so did everyone else.. and since Talyn and Jessalyn was short of money, I bought them a chocolate treat. (Isn't fair to be chewing on one myself when they don't have one.. I don't want puppy eyes made at me.).  And then we exited and I of course explained to Jessalyn about my own form of road rage.. then we headed back toward the mall and Pier 1 imports.  We didn't stay long because Talyn was having a sneezing fit.  And then our day came to an end once we dropped Jessalyn off.

It was a thoroughly fun day.. on a whole.  I enjoyed myself.  I always like hanging out with Talyn, and hey I got a new friend as well.

And duokinneas, you don't have to worry about repaying..  I like doing things for freinds.. I am afraid there is not a greedy bone in my body..  When I open myself up to a friend, there is nothing I will not do for that person.. short of sexual favors. *snickers*  Because naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Besides, it'd be wrong.. they are young!

Wow that was a long entry

I watch the rest of Fruits Basket tomorrow! *squees*

And I am talking to kurohyou right now.. a perfect end to a really great day!
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